Everything Is Going Down The Toilet

Next time I remodel my master bathroom, I will def run electricity (or whatever is needed) to be able to have a bidet toilet.

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Bidet is gross dude… :thumbsdown:

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What??? Why??? Isn’t a fresh feeling desirable (after a Number #2)???

Sorry. I don’t want (literally) shitty water shooting up my ass.

Have you had your lunch yet?

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Noooo, it would be a clean, heated stream of water cleaning off your behind. You would be as fresh as you can be to take on the real estate world after that…

Don’t knock it till you try it. You can install one in any bathroom that has a plug somewhere in the room. Picture warm water gently cleansing the dingle Berry’s from your bum. It’s way more hygenic than tp. It also soothes roids


Bidets were invented for 19th century French whores…They are popular in Europe. .Never saw the point, except they are good for filling water ballons…lol

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Ok, something to look out for when using the throne in Japan…


Thank you everyone. I REALLY needed a good laugh today. Been a hard week.

Sitting on an unmarked version in my house in Japan right now. They’re actually pretty intuitive except for flush amount.
Experimenting is great when you’re on a toilet.

I have a toto that opens/closes auto. Flushes and cleans itself.

Wow, seriously? The Ferrari of toilets, eh??? Nice!!! @Javanc, you may hold the record for most distanced member of this forum (ground zero is @manch computer).

Yeah, if I move or remodel my master bathroom I def plan to accommodate for a full fledged bidet. All I need is power to be nearby say the water line right? The single water line to the toilet is sufficient for the water spray correct? My beautiful wife is the cleanest gal ever, so I am sure she would appreciate that fresh feeling every time. I suppose I would too…:slight_smile:

@sfdragonboy. It’s actually pretty easy to install a toto toilet seat in an existing bathroom. All you need is a nearby plug, a discrete extension cord can be run. Super easy to install, but about 500$. If your serious pm me.

My toilet is a mid range model.
There’s ones that mask your farts, deodorize. All seats will dry your freshly washed bum with warm air. And the heated seat is a blessing when it’s 40 degrees or less in the house

Hi there,

Yeah, I thought so. Running an extension cord from the granted close vanity outlet would still look bad and cluttered. Next time, I would intentionally put a wall outlet on the other side of the water inlet (or whatever is code compliant). Thanks! Sounds sweet as I saw this in its infancy years ago. Who doesn’t like a fresh bum (sorry, for you folks eating and reading…)???

You need both hot and cold water supply for the toilet to work, right? Most toilets only have cold water supply.

If your water heater stops working, it could be a challenge in the winter.

I mean, we are talking about a fairly low quantity of water being used each time right? I am assuming the toilet warms up the cold water in the reservoir. And if it breaks, nothing like a cold dash of water on your privates to wake you up!!! :slight_smile:

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In that case, no extra plumbing is needed. But you need an electrician and a plumber to install it?

Again, I suppose it depends on the existing distance of your toilet opening to that which is needed for the new fancy one. I would like to think manufacturers understand that people are doing swapping in and out so it should be the same distance but as we homeowners know that may not be the case. Presumably if that is ok, all you would need to do then is plug in an extension cord from your nearest outlet. That part would like ugly/funny to me, but if it is a master bathroom probably ok. Guest bathroom might look tacky with the cord there…

If you’ve got change to spare check out toto USA website. You can buy an all inclusive toilet for 1500$. Running a gfi plug to near the toilet is pretty easy. Water is heated by the electrical supply and is stored as about 1 L.

Yeah, but that still means drywall action or conduit work right? I may like a fresh bum, but at what cost???

Hmmm, saw a high end home listing mentioning this is as a feature. Interesting…