Excelsior Pushing it

One recent trend I noticed is that Portola, Excelsior and up and down Silver Ave, there are more and more new builds or stripped-to-the-studs flips that are pushing up prices big time.

Take this one for example:

4BR 3.5BA 2400 ft and asking for 1.6M!


I agree it’s not a bad price for something spanking new this size. But still, quite a price shock for Excelsior. This is a much better buy – assuming you can get it for 1.6M – than the one at Silver and 101. That one was sold for 1.3M I think.

Ok, another example of a complete remodel in the Excelsior that will go probably very high. I am guessing 1.5-1.6M easily. “Prime Excelsior” OMG, ridiculous!!!

My mentality is still stuck in the 80s. Yes, prime excelsior sounds ridiculous… its like saying “prime Detroit” or “prime Haiti”…

Come on!!! 1.38M for this POS!!! No, Amazon HQ2 is not coming down the block!!!

Are you ready for prime bayview? :smile:

After prime Bayview, there would be no more ghettos. Maybe already no ghettos in SF

Was this home ever sold? No history on Redfin

This one if sold today would be over 1.8 since its newly built from ground up, next store was sold around 1.6

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Good case study for current up to date market check: here we have what looks like a smallish, fixer original SFH in the Excelsior that has a probable illegal but built separate inlaw unit. Starting price: 1.1M So, is this going to go sky high just because of the inlaw and low inventory or will the sales price be tempered by the already semi high starting price? Now, I don’t know the area or streets as to what warts there are. I guess I will go with B, maybe slightly higher but shouldn’t go over say 1.25M. If it does, this selling season coming is going to craaaazy…



Yes, big and remodeled but 1.6M for Excelsior??? Come on!!!