Fake Resume Study = Widespread Age Discrimination

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It was for lower-skilled jobs. I wonder if it’s true for higher-skill ones? I think in tech there’s an age where you’re too old for individual contributor. You’ve become expensive, and companies prefer cheaper college grads with skills in the newer technologies. It’s been discussed here. Starting pay for engineers is high, but you reach the max fast, and the shelf-life isn’t great.

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Yeah, saw that (lower skilled jobs) but still interesting read I thought. I’ve known people who got whacked right before they met certain milestones (with respect to pension or retirement benefits at their employers) and it is so unfair. Some of these people worked in excess of 30 years and may have even sadly caused their demise to come sooner (helped train their successors).

I told this story many times.
I went to the Microsoft buildings in the junction of Hwy 101 and 85. One guy, who was “white” among the bunches of other color, told me that he was one of the last one of his generation-friends. Look around, he said, look! They are not only Americans (?), but young. He was taking his stuff down from walls and ready to pack up everything he had. He gave himself a month to be there.

I certainly walked around the building, lots of foreigners, young, most of them wouldn’t even say hello, no looking at your eyes, most of them with this idiot attitude of being the God of something. I felt humiliated walking around with nobody responding to my hellos.

It may be a cultural thing, but it’s pathetic to see this kind of attitude.

Above is not only true for tech, also for many professionals such as lawyers, management consultants and marketing. Management or out. Is a necessary evil, otherwise young minds don’t get jobs. These older folks can either stay at home and enjoy life, play with grand children or start a consulting firm or be an uber driver. I stay at home blogging with you guys.


Good luck, Sir!

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Come on, no one is afraid of the tech! Companies are simply not hiring you!!!

I already told the tale.

I was in the Microsoft buildings, the ones on the intersection of Hwy 85 and 101. I was talking to a “White” Engineer packing up and leaving his office. I won’t repeat what he said, but the point is that he pointed out to “young people who don’t know crap” being hired and he mentioned “I am looking at the writing on the wall”.

That’s the day, one of those high tech guys, I won’t say his nationality, a young sob that thought he owned the world yelled at me for watching him and his pal playing ping pong. Then I understood what the other American Engineer had said to me.