Falling Stock Market? What can you do? Nothing!

If you are not retiring this year that is. Caveat Emptor.


JIL thinks he can :slight_smile:

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Except falling Apple :rofl: I am not newton :rofl::rofl:


The way with dealing with a falling stock market is to buy more stocks.

True, I will wait for dust to settle and then buy it.

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Impossible if fully invested in the market

Can always leverage more margin :smile:

This is dangerous, at times I do, but really it may work against with wrong footing !

Safest is sell your profitable one and buy the dipped one (but not AAPL until dust settles in 18-24 months).

If Trump has just bought a REIT or an index fund with his dads money he would be richer than he is. All this trading seems frenetic and possibly less profitable than just leaving things alone., especially when volatility is high.

2.4% on one month treasury bills seems pretty attractive these days.
Barclays is paying me 2.2%

Elt1 is right. If Twhitler had put his money into anything else besides bankrupting businesses and people, the country next, he would be just racking $ to live like a real billionaire would live, not depending on golf courses or hotels.

On the other hand, Annuities are paying 6%. No fees, nada. :laughing:

We are transferring so many 401Ks to annuities right now you wouldn’t believe it, with some immediate annuities paying you 14% bonus (money is not liquid, it is to augment the $ you contribute for income distribution purposes) Don’t you hear the “ka-chin!”?:laughing:

The problem with anything said on these topics is that there’s no product out there that can protect your money from being lost, except some products some negative people hate.

After anything being said, the only winner is your guy managing your $ in the stock market. Plain and simple. Just keep it there, even in retirement, he is cashing in, period!

Oh, if you had an idea of how much you are putting at risk against what you gain, believe me, you will be a loser. Always. The house always win.

Jack Bogle dies at 89: His final warning about the bull market

Bogle did not believe investors for the long term should try to pull completely out and time the market, which he said is “a really dumb strategy.” Instead, he said it’s time “to really be thinking how much risk you want to have” and make some defensive moves.

“If I had a big liability in a year, I’d get prepared for it right now,” Bogle added.

Even before the year-end extreme stock market volatility, Bogle told CNBC in April that he’s never seen volatility like this in his 66-year career. For 2018, the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average both posted their worst annual losses since 2008.

Vanguard has more than $5 trillion under management.


Please translate what he said in plain English :crazy_face:

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He said, if you are investing, do it 40% fixed income, 60% stocks, he sees too much risk on the stock market.

adding: It was 30-70 before.

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For those don’t have fixed income, 40% RE 60% stocks :innocent:?

It’s about safety. You put your eggs wherever you think your $ is safe.

Have you considered an IUL?


I want me to catch a big fish today. :hugs:

And? :laughing: