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I didn’t buy in 2014-2016 either because during this time period I bought my current home and ran out of cash, and now FB is too high, so timing was never right. At least I bought TWTR at its low point…even though it’s no FB.


How do you know FB is too high? My ex-coworker thought FB was too high back in 2014. My other ex-coworker thought FB was too high back in 2012.


If your ex-coworker thought FB was too high back in 2012 he/she was just crazy. How about $1?


Perhaps in 2024, we can look back and say if harriet thought FB was too high back in 2018 she was just crazy…


That’s not even close to insider trading. The time that passes between then and going public is years and years these days. Any info wouldn’t be material or relevant anymore by the time they are public. Plus, they have to disclose so much info to go public.


Sure, by then hopefully I have at least two rental properties already so I could care less… :slight_smile:


What is the word for when you admit you’re wrong by making a certain statement even though that statement didn’t say you have admitted wrong?


You never know who’s wrong until 2024. Besides, admitting you’re wrong is no biggie. That’s better than pretending you are wise even though you are not.


save face?


Netflix beat. Stocks up 8% AH. :sob:




How is their SG&A spend more than 2x the R&D spend? All the cost of producing content should be under cost of revenue. That’s weird. It’s unusual for a company that doesn’t need a huge sales force to have so much SG&A spend.


To this day I still don’t understand Netflix. Oh well. Win some and lose some.


There’s no need to understand anything. Do you really need to know how an internal combustion engine works in order to drive a car?


Well at least I need to make sure the engine doesn’t blow up on the road?


Well if it ever did just call your insurance company and have it towed… :laughing:


Highly compensated executive team?




Over 50% of evening internet traffic in the US is Netflix. It’s no different than HBO, Showtime, Hulu, or any other premium service. The produce content and charge and monthly fee for people to view it.


Of course we understand what it does. The puzzling part is its valuation. It has about the same market cap as Disney.