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save face?


Netflix beat. Stocks up 8% AH. :sob:




How is their SG&A spend more than 2x the R&D spend? All the cost of producing content should be under cost of revenue. That’s weird. It’s unusual for a company that doesn’t need a huge sales force to have so much SG&A spend.


To this day I still don’t understand Netflix. Oh well. Win some and lose some.


There’s no need to understand anything. Do you really need to know how an internal combustion engine works in order to drive a car?


Well at least I need to make sure the engine doesn’t blow up on the road?


Well if it ever did just call your insurance company and have it towed… :laughing:


Highly compensated executive team?




Over 50% of evening internet traffic in the US is Netflix. It’s no different than HBO, Showtime, Hulu, or any other premium service. The produce content and charge and monthly fee for people to view it.


Of course we understand what it does. The puzzling part is its valuation. It has about the same market cap as Disney.


What about AMZN’s valuation? It’s about the same market cap as APPL. Also very puzzling indeed… :laughing:


Used to be puzzled by amazon too but enlightened by Chamath.


Hello @manch, how are you feeling today? Do you have the urge to scream? :slight_smile:


Today’s like


You going to buy some RE in Gangnam?


Don’t do it. North Korea will nuke that place in due time… :scream:


@Jane said that’s bad idea. South Korea also has capotal control. I am not sure foreigners can even own properties there…


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