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Highly compensated executive team?




Over 50% of evening internet traffic in the US is Netflix. It’s no different than HBO, Showtime, Hulu, or any other premium service. The produce content and charge and monthly fee for people to view it.


Of course we understand what it does. The puzzling part is its valuation. It has about the same market cap as Disney.


What about AMZN’s valuation? It’s about the same market cap as APPL. Also very puzzling indeed… :laughing:


Used to be puzzled by amazon too but enlightened by Chamath.


Hello @manch, how are you feeling today? Do you have the urge to scream? :slight_smile:


Today’s like


You going to buy some RE in Gangnam?


Don’t do it. North Korea will nuke that place in due time… :scream:


@Jane said that’s bad idea. South Korea also has capotal control. I am not sure foreigners can even own properties there…


(scream? ‘manch)
=> #\t

(korean? ‘manch)
=> #\f


LISP programmer?


(display “no” (current-output-port))


From pure investment perspective, Gangnam is a great place. My condo went up 3.5 times since I bought it in 2000. Easy to maintain rental property as well.
However, the challenging part is transferring money from Korea to US.
To do so, you have to submit the proof of source for money (not only for the instance but also for entirely accumulated money in your life time) to get the grant from government. On top of that, if you and your spouse share the property, the money transfer must be split exactly half and half (again they check life time transaction history). Otherwise, you have to pay gift tax. That part is real hassle.


I wanted to buy some Samsung shares and did a little bit research. There seems to be no good way to do so. Is there other roundabout way to buy?


Um… stick with Alibaba and Tencent.


Samsung > Apple.


How so?


Better to stick to US listed securities for easy liquidity reason.