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Come on. You can do better :smile:




Is that a partial increase? Please provide the full picture of all gains if it’s not.


2mrw, my gain in FB is humongous :rofl: 700 shares would gain $12k+ 2mrw! My 6 calls ($160) would be extremely green too! Now I’m not jealous of manch’s AMD :pig::pig::pig: Cash on cash return of over 100+%


Shot straight to $168 AH :joy:


Now I have a million dollar question… 2mrw open with a retracement or push all the way to $190?


$190 by tomorrow? Too aggressive…


How shares do you have? Definitely more than 700 shares, spill it out. Your portfolio is on a roll… share your joy.


The drop in Tesla negates that rise so I think I’ll be neutral tomorrow :frowning:


My algorithm gave me turn-around to TSLA. I am still wondering how TSLA will be negative. It must be temporary, but has to go up.


I can’t believe Tsla can fall below 300 either.


Closed 6 FB calls ($160) for 300% gain and 10 diagonals ($160/$165) for 150% gain. These are earnings bet. Apparently, too early :pig:

Holding 700 shares ride to new ATH.


TSLA is coming positive now, holding 1498 shares now with average price of $297. Additional bonus of 4 calls $350 year 2020 Basically, my program gave a correct signal of finding bottom at $287.59.

Just checking your jealous status !


Took me so long to decide to close or not to close FB calls that after I closed, I realize TSLA had gone up, so didn’t add. Have to leave some $ on the table for you :grinning: Now very jealous :pleading_face:


Any way, I missed both AAPL (Reduced 500 shares to 100 shares, bought TSLA with that money) and FB. Had I shared some FB and AAPL, it would have been great, but I still have AMZN & GOOGL for safer bet.


Very aggressive bet. Hope it’ll work out :muscle:


At this rate of recovery, make me wonder would NVDA behave like AAPL? Tumbled upon announcement of revision, then keep going up, up, up. If true, we would see $185-$188 soon, bet heavily or not? @Jil, what is your propriety TA says?


NVDA reached 14 day bottom, but did not give a firm buy signal (needs manual review), turn around possible, so buy and low amount and watch/monitor it. This is manual review needed as the percentile is 91.9%. If percentile is 95% or 98% program gives automatic buy signal.


Another signal today is NTNX (Sel) signal, but I just leave you to review fundamentals before taking any decision. It can be noise (rather than signal) and I suggest users to review everything and take a decision. See h%tile 95.7…This is pure technical, but fundamentals review required…before any action.


That’s about right for NTNX :slight_smile: Completion of 1 is 2 (down wave of retracement 50%-76.4%)


Someone posted about Amazon analysis, see how they track