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No cliff notes for busy executives?

So far AAPL BABA FB :+1:


My net worth is back to where it was at the end of 2017.


:+1: outside need to check :pray: looking at AAPL closing price, should be the same for me :hugs:



Recover above 50 day SMA :scream: buy :grimacing:


Since Aug 28, 2017,

F10 +15.37% :smile: Up 1.8% from last week
AAPL +3.13% :grin: Turn green
TCEHY +6.86% :smile: Up 0.5% from last week
GOOG +21.6% :smile: Up 3.2% from last week
AMZN +71.9% :smile: Down 4.8% from last week
NFLX +102.3% :smile: Down 0.7% from last week
DimSum +0.12% :grin: Turn green, just in time for BJ

Market Cap
AMZN $795.2B
MSFT $789.1B
AAPL $787.6B
GOOG $775.7B


Amazon’s retail dominance in questiom

The bottom line: Amazon remains the brand to beat online as consumers continue to see Prime membership as important to their lives. But an army of retailers — led by Walmart and Target — have begun to land successful strikes on Amazon. The formidable retail beast should consider using its $40 billion in cash to make another physical store acquisition.


Zuck will push e-commerce on Instagram too. That is far more exciting to me than Walmart or target.


Feb 4 is time for giggling, any1 make an easy to die bet?

BIDU on Feb 12. Goner?

NVDA on Feb 14. One dead?


As usual GOOGL result is 18% over expectations and stock down 3.5%.

Looks like MSFT, TSLA, AMZN and GOOGL are sell on good news, profit taking strategy going on.



Other than AAPL, FB, and BABA, rest of the F10 sucks.

Market Cap at close
MSFT $811B
AAPL $810B
AMZN $802B
GOOG $790B


Darn. Four horse race.


Aapl and Fb went up only because they dropped too much. Other F10s didn’t drop enough to allow for a jump after earnings.


21%20AM recovered a little with the broad market surge.


Google is quietly building this money-making business that could rival Amazon’s

Google Cloud is still dwarfed in size by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud business. Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Intelligent Cloud businesses hauled in $7.4 billion and $9.4 billion in sales, respectively, in the most recent quarter.

But both competitors should keep a close eye on Alphabet’s more aggressive posture in expanding its cloud solutions for businesses. It could lead to more competitive pricing and an all-out war for already scarce tech talent.

Are these the same talents employed by cloud royalists and for iCloud? Shouldn’t this development bearish for GOOG, AMZN and MSFT as margin would be compressed? Big companies like AAPL are building data centers to be self-sufficient. So there is a danger of over build i.e. excessive supply, in the face of slower future growth in demand.

GOOG is above 200-day SMA.

Market cap
AAPL $825B calling @manch
MSFT $821B
AMZN $815B
GOOG $785B


Any surprised by the results isn’t paying attention. Their R&D ROI is horrible. At some point, digital ad spend will stop taking market share from other formats. When that happens, there will be aggressive price wars to take market share of digital ads. The one cash cow Google has will be ruined. Especially when you consider FB has much better ability to target ads. Google is really digital ads 1.0 while FB is 2.0.


SNAP? AMZN? Also 2.0 or 3.0?


I don’t think anyone is 3.0 yet. They are just better at targeting due to all the person info they have from your social media activity or shopping history.


From digital ads perspective, isn’t Yahoo! 1.0, Google 2.0, FB 3.0 then? I think Apple tries 4.0 during SJ era but didn’t work out.


Hmm. You might be right. Yahoo was literally just pay per impression with no analytics. Google made ads a little bit smarter using browser history. FB made ads a lot smarter with your profile info. I totally forget about Yahoo.


Since Aug 28, 2017,

F10 +15.4% :grin: No change from last week
AAPL +5.54% :grin: Up 2.4% from last week
TCEHY +6.78% :grin: No change from last week
GOOG +18.7% :grin: Down 3% from last week
AMZN +67.5% :grin: Down 4.4% from last week
NFLX +108.0% :grin: Up 6% from last week
DimSum -1.9% :grin: Down 1.8% from last week

MAC/PC stalwarts are number 1 and 2 largest market cap.
MSFT $811B
AAPL $804B
AMZN $780B
GOOG $764B

Nvidia: Nvidia’s “really bad” earnings pre-announcement may have successfully “de-risked” the stock ahead of the chipmaker’s actual quarterly report, Cramer said.

“You don’t slam yourself again after that kind of guide-down. You get much more muted,” he said. “However, Nvidia has major exposure in China and it’s also got some gaming issues, so it’s kind of caught up in a couple of negative themes right now.”