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When will salesforce be a 500B company?


In 20 years. Tesla will become one in 5 years.


Tesla will become a 5B company in 5 years. :smile:


My net worth will also become 5B in 5 years :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I did not sell TSLA just to gain some cash and /or expecting it go back to $250, but expecting economical crash in 2019-2020.

I just reviewed current interest rate data.

Current rate a bank borrow from another bank is 2.25%-2.5% (fed fund rate)

If bank wants to borrow from fed, the rate is 3%

If bank wants to borrow from fed - not meeting reserve ratio - it is 3.5%

Banks give CD one year at 2.5%

Most of the banking operations crippled with yield curve.

One more market fall results banking investment standstill or to loss, eventually leads to recession.

If S&P falls 5%-10% before touching 2850, my assumption is correct and going as expected. If S&P crosses 2850 within a month, I am wrong.

By around 2020, Tesla will also complete China factory and will be fully operational.

If recession comes, chances are there all car company dives, TSLA is well known for volatility!

Now, I am waiting for that opportunity. I can plunge my money into TSLA with deep breath.

I will get FAANG+TSLA at that time.


Market timing is never easy… :tired_face:


Daniel Loeb’s Third Point exits Alibaba, Microsoft, and Netflix

Meanwhile, Third Point loaded up on Campbell Soup (CPB), adding another 3 million shares, an increase of 16%. The fund last held 21 million shares of the soup maker, making it the second largest equity long holding. That’s about 7% of the Campbell’s 302 million shares outstanding.

Other top buys include Shire (SHPG) and Salesforce (CRM). The also fund initiated a new position in Cigna (CI), snapping up 575,000 shares.

Elsewhere, Third Point slashed its PayPal (PYPL) stake by more than half, selling more than 5 million shares. PayPal remained a top five stock holding.


Are you unloading your BABA too? He is probably expecting a negative reaction to the China-US talk. Sell while you can :slight_smile: not when you have to.

Disclosure: Sold 200 shares, left with 10 shares. BTO 2 calls (Mar 1 $172.50) - small money to ride through the storm. If favorable, can exercise the calls, and if unfavorable, lose a small sum.

I have 1500 shares, wondering how to hedge because don’t have options for trading!


I don’t have any BABA at the moment. Only 10c.


My baba running strong. Bought them on IPO day at $90 per share.


Stop bragging unless you want to sell me 500@$120 (30+% more :slight_smile: ). Average purchase price of those 200 BABA is $160, not low enough to just buy and hold. Red for awhile, now finally green. The predicted recession by commentators have been around for nearly 3 years, still no recession, meanwhile, have to jump on the trampoline while waiting for those stocks to sell at pretty pennies. Dec low is not sufficiently low at all… need to be much lower e.g. AMZN be traded at below $1000, BABA below $120.


I would also love to buy a house in Cupertino for less than $1M.


When BABA IPOed, a typical SFH is selling for $1.6+ M :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
For house price to drop to $1M, AMZN would have to trade at <$15.


Gimme some Amzn for $15 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Let your words come true…:rofl:


@Jil, @manch

Please your bet.

Upper left hand corner, NVDA. Made a smallish bet. Wondering to pump the position up or not. Ofc, hindsight is to buy a lot yesterday, +44% in two days.


Which stock is that? :thinking:


0 cents ! No idea…what NVDA will do :rofl:
I want to keep your thrill (heartbeat) to continue :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I reviewed TA, Seriously also, I do not have any clue what NVDA will do. I do not want you to get biased with my wrong (if wrong) comments.


You already did! Closed the position instead of buying!
After much thought, I think the strike price is too high, IV would collapse after earnings so the call may end up losing money even if NVDA shot up after earning. Need to go back to school on how to long calls.


That is why, I always tell individuals need to review independently as forum updates are not reliable.

My statements are about general market, but not individual stocks. If you see, I always say about SPY or S&P 500.