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I’m not trading the earnings, but I’m holding the positions I have (FB and BABA). I don’t count RSU, since there aren’t many days a quarter I can do anything. I’ll just hold those until I diversify it into RE.


You’ve RSUs in FB? Thought you work in AMZN.
Just BTO 5 FB diagonals, about $500, gunning for $2k profit.


I said I don’t count RSU in what I’m holding.


Sensible approach since is unlikely for AMZN to distribute dividends.
I am wondering, ain’t RE in Seattle and SV move in tandem with AMZN?
So time to buy RE also mean AMZN has dropped too.
Stock tends to drop a larger % than RE, so what is the advantage of switching AMZN to RE then?


RE drops less than stocks, so trading stocks for RE while both are high is a good move. It reduces risk while leaving the opportunity for gains.

I think a lot depends on perspective. Except for 2008, RE price declines are 5-10%. I think future RE declines will be similar to historical norms, so why try to time a 5-10% dip? Homes could go up more than that while I wait for the dip to happen. Also, odds are my stocks will dip far more than the 5-10% RE dips which would reduce my purchasing power. I have better purchasing power now while both are high.

If I thought future RE dips would be like 2008, then I’d wait for the big dip to buy. 2008 was probably a once in a lifetime event, since the great depression in 1932 is the only comparable. Selling stocks at the peak and buying RE in a 2008 dip would be amazing. I don’t think any of us are that good at timing markets.


Oh, and why no love for Boeing? They are up 5% on strong earnings. They continue to rally. The recent consolidation was a little short, but it broke out off of earnings which is a major event. URI is setting up another potential base too. NVDA sort of did a cup and handle. It was a really short handle. VEEV is going to make a double top or break out.


Sound good. If declines would add. I think is a good bet on the CEO, healthcare (life science) industry and cloud-computing.


Any buying FB during AH?
Place an order for 100 shares at $175! Lowest so far is $178.


Hmm, people spent less time on FB, but it had higher revenue and profits. I think someone here said that could be a likely outcome of the changes they were making. Less ad spots = charging more for the ads. I’ll see where it settles then decide if I want to buy more or sell puts.



Microsoft is not dying just yet.


That’s not surprising. They were bound to hit saturation in the US. I think their pivot is a smart one. They can claim they are doing it for the good of users. User growth is slowing though, so to grow revenue they have to increase revenue per user. They did that by having less ad spaces and charging more for them. They increase revenue while being able to claim they reduced ads to benefits users. They seem to always be a step ahead.


Right. Facebook long term future is actually better after the change. They still have the crown jewel in WhatsApp they haven’t got around to monetize yet.

Facebook AH wiped out all my profits today. :cry:


What’s up with the hate Cramer?


Hey FB has roared back! :smile:


Not fair. Lowest is $177.10. Someone manipulated the share.


You are too greedy. 180 was already pretty cheap. :smile:


I bought 600 at 97 & sold at 135 last year. :frowning: Probably lost @14% by switching out from FB to other stocks (@28% return last year on whole portfolio- lower risk vs @42% on FB)

But I still own a significant number at an average price of @40. :slight_smile:


You’re very far behind us. Last year’s return for…
manch 200%
meguro 48%
hanera 46%
wuqijun 38.7%
can’t remember name 40%
Roy321 28%


I went into cash for much of the year as I was scared what the election of Mr. Trump would do to the market.