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wow… whaat??.. Congratulations @manch you working in a hedge fund now in NYC?


Do you guys do margin trade?


I was just lucky last year. Let’s see what 2018 brings.


My figure was net worth increase not stock portfolio performance…


Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg told analysts on a conference call that recent changes to stem the spread of disinformation and sensational media on Facebook could be good for its advertising business.

“The impact it has on monetization is certainly not clearly negative,” Sandberg said on the call.

The comments from her and other executives appeared to reassure investors about the financial consequences of people spending less time on Facebook.

Sandberg said she was optimistic about potential revenue from ads on “stories” on Facebook and Instagram, while Chief Financial Officer David Wehner said the average price per ad increased 43 percent in quarter.

“They said average revenue per ad was up a lot, that quality of ads has improved, and that the engagement declines were not meaningful,” Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter said.

“In other words, better quality engagement and better ability to target ads. The street probably likes that,” he said.

Exactly. How could the changes be bad for business?


That was my point when they made the change. It’ll end up being positive.


Alibaba’s a Lot Cheaper Than Tencent and May Get Cheaper Still


Come on Jack!!! :scream:


When in doubt, place bets on both horses :wink:





Market summary > Facebook, Inc. Common Stock
NASDAQ: FB - Feb 1, 10:58 AM EST
194.69 USD Price increase 7.80 (4.18%)


Jack Ma let me down. :-1:

Down a massive 6% today. Anyone bought?


Only 1 call to bet on a technical re-bounce. Small potato.


Correction coming?
Have kept my powder dry, resisted buying today. What do you guys think.
Pot stocks and Shitcoins got killed today.


Dow was up and S&P flat. Not sure about correction just yet.


So are you going to sell all BABA and switch over to Tencent?


Invest in what you are good at… which is not stocks nor commodities…


Maybe not that dramatic. But overall I like pony ma better than jack as I have always said. Jack is too much show. Pony is low key and much better. Besides pony ma has two horses vs jack with only one.


Come on! I can add 10 horses to my name if I wanted to… :rofl:


I am betting big on a third horse in china. Boss of Ping An insurance also has last name Ma!

I have 4 horses pulling my portfolio. :smile: