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This guy think mutual fund is better.


However that person openly admits “With the advent of exchange traded funds, mutual funds have become the red headed stepchild of the investment marketplace. While still popular in workplace retirement plans like 401(k)s, many financial advisors and investment pros tend to prefer ETFs for their intraday tradeability and, generally speaking, lower expense ratios

I always choose commission free ETFs, commission free stock trading most of the times. Any way, I just own 5.05 VOO (dividend reinvested) in vanguard, waiting for more to get in sometime in future.


So picky. Why don’t you diversify a little bit? 95117 is right next to 95129/95130 and also has Moreland schools. Cheaper alternative!

Also, might want to consider 94086/94085 instead of 94087.


I’m an elitist :slight_smile: I prefer 95008 to 95117.

I did want to bid a very well remodeled (by owner using very high quality stuffs) house in 94086 :slight_smile: but unfortunately met a friend who also want to bid for it. So didn’t want to compete for it. He won the bidding :slight_smile:


I think 95117 will appreciate faster than 95008 because of its proximity to where the jobs are.


Typically housing dip is only 5-10%. 2008 was an anomaly. How much has that area increased in price while you wait for a 5-10% dip?


Competition drives the price. At least, we can get a home with less competition.


After reading VOO vs VFINX vs VFIAX, seems VOO is better because of liquidity, minimum tax implications and lower expense ratio. Btw, I can’t figure out how to do DRIP for VOO? I manage to do DRIP for VFINX without going to the Vanguards website, something seems to have changed. What I don’t like about VFINX is you can’t choose the price of purchase or sale, is always at the close of the market.

Bought 5 VOOs :slight_smile: Green!


In vanguard site, DRIP is automatic. Otherwise, there will a place to set DRIP,I do not remember. Or even call vanguard support and they will setup DRIP once for all.

I am holding 5.05 VOO, now at loss, but sometime later, I will add it. I normally setup an automatic transfer to vanguard every week, accumulate it and buy VOO only when it goes down more than 2%.

This is my test DCA project, buying VOO only when it DIPs more than 2% (if I accumulated cash at that time) and keep it for long term to compare whether I am able to beat VOO with other side of portfolios.


In eTrade, there is a DRIP tab which you can enroll for all dividend paying stocks except mutual/ index funds.
VOO and VFINX have automatic DRIP but I thought there is a tie up between eTrade and Vanguard for me to see the status and if necessary disable the DRIP. Thought I saw it before, is gone now.

DCA in eTrade is very simple, there is a tab where you can do AIP (automatic investment plan).


To my knowledge, we can do ETFs purchases using AIP as we can not buy partial ETF. For VOO, I am using vanguard commission free trades.


Set up an account with Vanguard?


If it is big amounts like 100k+, it is better to setup with vanguard, commission free and you may have lot of vanguard funds available than outside brokers.

If you ask me, I have etrade, schwab, merriledge, fidelity, vanguard and Robinhood for various reasons (do not ask me why). I spread my money across the brokers and getting all commission free trades.


Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+18.41% :genie: Lost another 5%
AAPL…+0.77% :+1: Postive
TSLA…-8.66 :angry: Backslide
NFLX…+54.35% :star_struck: Lost 6%
mCap…-14.09% :disappointed_relieved: Hardly change
sCap… +3.74%:neutral_face: Lost another 5%




55 PM


Bidu gone up a bit after hours on earnings beat.


Get on the fast horses and get rid of the deadweight.


Is bidu a dead weight? I don’t want to sell a get hit with taxes… same with Apple. :sob:

I will get rid of Twtr though once it gets back to where it was before… :wink:


I am never a fan of bidu. Its market cap is an order of magnitude smaller than Tencent and alibaba. There is no BAT. Only AT.

Tencent is the best tech company in China. I think even better than Facebook. Alibaba is alright. Jack needs to talk less and do more actual leading. Bidu is not in the same league.