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I have so many mega cap companies so just doesn’t make sense for me to go even more mega cap. Anyhow switching bidu totally over to Tencent is not going to affect my performance a lot in the grand scheme of things… but maybe selling all Aapl and buy Tencent might…


Who owned Fossil?

“Fossil stock surged more than 60 percent after the bell. The fashion designer and manufacturer reported earnings and revenue that surpassed Wall Street expectations. The CEO stated that the plan for the company is to stay small, but increase profitability. Fossil has been experimenting with the wearables industry, which has acted as a driver for revenue growth.”

It’s up 80% now. It’s been in decline for quite awhile. It was $125 in 2014 and even after this pop it’s only $16.50.

“Twilio stock jumped over 6 percent after hours. The cloud communications platform reported a loss that was smaller than predicted and surpassed Wall Street’s revenue expectations. First quarter guidance is also strong.”

They were one of my original small caps that got cut. There was just too much fear about losing Uber as a customer despite big revenue growth.


If there is ever a 1031 exchange for stocks I would totally do something about it… :wink:


Only viable smart watch is the Apple Watch. All the others are joke. Many use the Qualcomm watch chip which hasn’t been updated in 2 years. Android wear market is dead.


Pay up and move on. Goal is to make money, not to avoid taxes. They are different things.


Ok let’s see what @hanera has to say about that.


@hanera is married to Apple. I can see him divorce his wife but never sells Apple.


I am waiting for that to happen as well.


Are you not using SOLO 401k or do not you have Roth 401k (old) converted Roth or even Traditional retirement savings? They are almost like 1031 exchange. Do whatever within, not taxed, millions untouched by tax.

Total retirement savings in USA is almost $27+ Trillion


No… 95% of my stock holdings are outside of retirement accounts.

Also, retirement accounts are not marginable, which works to a disadvantage.


Apple Watch is also a joke - glorified mp3 player.


Not true. I can margin in my IRA account.


Have a margin account is not margin :slight_smile:


But can you take your margin money out of your IRA account for purposes other than buying stock in your IRA? :wink:


Margin trading is against IRA rule.


IIRC, it can be used to buy real estate (IRA account) or other investment, but P/L goes to IRA account only. You can not mix taxable money with IRA money. IRA must fully own it (full cash offer), no loans allowed etc. Some restrictions are there that it must be rental/investment property not primary home etc, may be you can see that in IRS website.


IRAs normally can take a non-recourse loan, but good luck finding good terms. I have heard 50% down and 10% interest :slight_smile:


I have so little money sitting in IRA that I can actually care less about this… I’m done with this conversation… :laughing:


But because you are self employed you can set up an IRA for your company and save boat load of taxes.


he’s happy paying taxes is what he said yesterday.