Fang, ant, bat


I saw 75% of SPY gain from this year’s bottom is tech.


The world is ruled by tech companies led by FAANG.
It seems we have messed with small caps at the wrong time, the momentum is with FAANG, probably for the next 5-10 years. It would be a challenge with beat F10 especially FAANG. I’m already lagging 20%!!!


I don’t think FAANG can 10x over the next 5-10 years.


We are betting on this but the short-term is discouraging :persevere: Of course, not quitting since I have one F10 horse anyway and the rest of the F10 through an S&P index fund.


Which 10 are F10?



I own all f10 now except Nvda and Amzn.


On Aug 28, F10 is incorporated.
Can’t beat them, join them…
bought 6 FB
bought 25 TCEHY
in another account, don’t want to corrupt the 10x account.


Oh so you actually spend $10k into that. So little. Should have at least spend $100k.


Just started :frowning: 6 FB and 25 TCEHY… need to earn $ to pay for the dim sum lunch in case manch won.


Oh… so you didn’t even spend $10k back in 8/28 and you are only buying now??? :sob:


Making $ already. Enough for a cheapskate 2 person dim sum lunch. Is that easy for F10. Now I need to buy AMZN cheap to complete the hedge. No need to buy the full F10 stocks. Only need AMZN and FB.


Why? If it is indeed an index then you need to own every single one. You can’t pick and choose.


Not “in case”. It’s when I won. :smile:


Ah, I was missing Tesla.

I own 3, work for 1, and trade 2 of them.

I avoid GOOG, since I think FB will eat their ad revenue lunch. Also, their moonshots don’t create meaningful revenue.

I sold AAPL, since I think it won’t be able to grow as fast as others.

I’d consider TSLA if they can ever learn to manufacture cars.

I sold BIDU and added to BABA and TCEHY.


My portfolio:

AAPL: 1200% gain
Goog: 200%
Bidu: 150%
Baba: 80%
Tsla: 900%
Fb: 400%
Nflx: 350%
Tcehy: 50%


It is a practice to stop using the dingy that you have been using for a long time since it would now leak. Should use the leaky dingy which would not leak since you’ve not used it. By similar logic, should sell AAPLs and TSLAs because they have been appreciating for a long time, replace with stocks that have been declining for a long time, is time for them to appreciate.


??? Then why are you not doing that with your Apple holdings?


I actually envy his portfolio holding and his resolute to hold long. Only issue is that he has selected dividend payers except AAPL.

If he chooses a dividend payers like AAPL, he would have made a life like Warren Buffet.

I am just telling this for forum viewers (not for you as you know the dividend effect of AAPL)

The current AAPL dividend is 1.41% and he bought it when it was 1/12 of current price. His yield is 1.41*12 = 16.92% per year which is taxed at low 15% or 23.88% level.

We will not get such yields in local RE cash flow too.




Actually I have too much Apple in my portfolio.

Also, the lesson for everyone on this forum is buy and hold. If you are not buy and hold and your returns are way less than mine, you know the reason why.