Fang, ant, bat


Come on, you should know better than daily fluctuations.


Jack Ma is incredible.

Alibaba beats on earnings as e-commerce remains core revenue driver yet he said we have to embrace the physical world

BABA +3.64% in a sea of red.
TSLA tumbles 1.73%
JD tumbles 5.07%
AMZN tumbles 1.20%


China’s No.2, 3 and 4 Internet companies: Tencent, Baidu and JD are now joining forces to combat Alibaba. Tencent’s market cap is about 20B lower than Alibaba, 397B vs 418B. Despite his folksy demeanor, Jack Ma is known to be pretty cut throat in business. I wonder if he’s making too many enemies in China. I don’t see people trying to gang up on Tencent.


Gather from contacts of your business partners in China?


From some of the Chinese articles I read about him. These types of things won’t filter out to the English media. I recall people complained Ali took all the profits and didn’t leave any meat on the bones for others.

Are you on WeChat?


No. iMessage only.

Ain’t all businesses try to do that?


The short-sighted ones, yes. Not if you want to nurture an ecosystem around you.


That’s because some Taobao sellers think Baba charge them too high of a commission. But in the end I bet they are just happy that they can make a buck out of the baba platform without which they would have made zilch.


Hey stop quoting my name! I didn’t say that. In any case, many people are never satisfied and dislike people make money more than them. Did you ever play a tit-tat-toe where a three of crosses, the one who play crosses get $2 and where a three of circles, the one who play circles get $1? Ask any two random guys to play this game and almost every time, both get nothing because they stop each other from completing a three. That’s human nature :grinning:


Really… I have a hard time quoting the right person on my phone… :laughing:


A Chinese version on human nature,

A monk has water to drink,

Two monks compete for water to drink

Three monks have no water for drinking


That’s the wrong way of looking at things… it proves that not all Chinese adages are wise.


No. That’s in the context of Ali’s fight with SF Express couple months back. Jack wants all of SF’s data, including SF’s dealing with other firms like JD, or else Taobao will use other logistics firm. Here’s one Chinese article about that.

Both Tencent and Baidu are now joining forces with JD to fight Ali.


Very nice, contructive competition here. Both Ali and others will benefit.

Next 10x Stock Winner

FANG and ANT leading the market down? Typical correction that would bottom in Sep/Oct is here?


AAPL makes a new ATH closing price :joy: but how long can AAPL hold up the tech sector?


It will hold it up until Tesla takes over… :rofl:


Buy the rumor … of the mythical iPhone 8.

Sell the news … when the mythical iPhone 8 proves not to be that mythical.


FANG, ANT, BAT are back.


Look like investing these stocks are better than messing with other stocks.
On Aug 28, which is very auspicious, created the F10 index comprises:
6 FB

After closing, F10 is +2.90% after 3 days!!! If your portfolio is not appreciating at this rate, my advice is just buy F10 :slight_smile:

My micro-cap portfolio (LQMT, SPWR, AMBA, SYNA) up +3.63% :sweat_smile:

Predictions for Sunnyvale, Cupertino
Predictions for Sunnyvale, Cupertino
Big Amazon campus sprouts in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley footprint widens