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Your friend citron is at it again.

The piece caught the attention of short-selling firm Citron Research: “With mkt cap up $17 BIL in a week and short interest. at 10 year low. Citron thinks the stock can be shorted back to $300. Content spend unsustainable long term.”


Citron means stock drops that helps me (us) to pick up. If it comes down below 300, sure I am into it as I see lot of tax benefit from now on for NFLX foreign earnings (taxed at 13.125%).


$300 only? Then I would buy 6 shares, was thinking of 1 call :slight_smile:


Open strong, becomes weak after Tillerson out amid clashes with Trump.


I don’t get that, since it seems no one liked Tillerson. The market should be up on the news.


Any sort of instability is not cool. And it looks wheels are flying off the clown car.


Well so long the one matters show strength, I’m fine :wink:


6 FB
6 NFLX - Added today
Despite the rout, all greens from purchase price :grinning: except the newly added :neutral_face:.


Should have just eaten the damn salad.


Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+32.50% :neutral_face: About the same as last week
AAPL…+10.25% :expressionless: Drop a little
TSLA…-7.03% :roll_eyes: Continue to slide
NFLX…+90.55% :zipper_mouth_face: Digesting gain
mCap…-17.13% :disappointed_relieved: Nobody like liquid metal
sCap… +28.10% :wink: 4.4% behind F10


Since purchase
6 FB - green
6 BABA - green
25 TCEHY - green
6 NVDA - green
5 BIDU - green
1 TSLA - red
6 NFLX - red
1 GOOG - red
1 AMZN - Not acquired yet

Net green $300+ since purchase :grin: so can afford a good dim sum lunch.
Gain about 2.8% :slight_smile:


FAAMG In Risk Zone
France to sue Apple and Google over ‘abusive’ developer practices
Europe plans special tax for Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon

manch - How’s come the undervalued FB becomes cheaper?



It will come back up, if todays drop is indeed about data breach. Check equifax!

My only greens are mdb, sq.


No green left for the day.


Any1 dare to BTFD?
Most F10 breaks below 10-day SMA, some going down to 50-day SMA.
E.g. FB breaks below 50-day SMA and briefly breaks below 200-day SMA.



Six of the ten underperforms the index.



It’s honestly not much of a dip given the recent run. I may add to FB once it goes back above the 200-day. It’s not bad to add to stock positions on the dip, but I wouldn’t initiate option positions on it.


Added 6 FBs :slight_smile: Looks like it would be hard for manch to win the dim sum bet :slight_smile:


Is that a real question or just to show that he was wrong?


Just to tickle him… he loves that. He performs better with some tickling :smiley:

Remember he claims that both FB and AMZN would overtake AAPL’s market cap within 4 (or is it 5 years?), today both declines more than AAPL. Hard for him to win. Even if he wins, my hedging can pay for it. So he wins, I win. He loses, I win. Regardless of outcome, I win. The new purchase of 6 FBs is GREEN.