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Threat of trade war hurts BAT more than the rest of the F10.


I don’t get that, since how much of BAT revenue is from the US? I honestly think this is a buy the dip on the headline which won’t impact them.




Electing trump is really bad for stock market. The guy is just too random too unstable. His security advisor just bailed this afternoon but news got eclipsed by trade war. Two major crap in one day.

Market is trying hard to climb wall after wall of worries. People are very nervous.


Climbing walls means bull market is not over. Electing Trump could have made the bull market lasting much longer, but the road got bumpy. You can sell the stocks and buy houses, will give you better sleep


Yes! I am very nervous right now! Welp.


Tencent loses $24 bln in market cap after Naspers selldown


It’s a perfect storm. So many factors converge at the same time. Tencent’s gaming revenue also saw a slight dip.

Many stocks on sale. Are you BFTD yet?


If you are specifically referring to F10, have started DCA purchasing since can’t remember when… too lazy to check… it is in the history of this thread. I share my move, not do it in secret.

Relative weight age is same as F10. Didn’t purchase AAPL for obvious reason. Added 25 TCEHY today. Latest status:

18 FB - 3 times overweight
50 TCEHY - 2 times overweight

Red 3.15%

If FB drops to my target price zone, would buy some calls.

If you are referring to MU, the low should be around mid $40s. It is in a multi-year bull run so if you are holding shares, probably you can just ignore the correction. Since I’m buying calls, safer to BTFD at low $40s.

In short, prices are not low enough for BTFD.


AAPL demonstrates strength in a falling market.


Time will tell if I’m buying more BABA, FB, and SHOP on April, 20th. So far only FB is below the strike, but it’s close enough the option premium covers the delta.


Obviously you have shorted puts on them :slight_smile:


Since Aug 28,
F10 … .+21.10% :sob: Decline more than 10% from last week
AAPL…+2.15% :disappointed: Don’t know what to say
TSLA…-12.76% :tired_face: Elon has a lot to catchup to be the richest man in USA
NFLX…+80.07% :stuck_out_tongue: Bears took no prisoners
mCap…-14.79% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Increased by a few %
sCap… +23.76% :upside_down_face: Odd way to catch up with F10 by losing less


Panic selling. Market is at a 10% discount at this point.


Anyone BTFD? People always say they are waiting for dips to buy. Well this is one fat dip right there now.


Well, @jil already went all in before it reached bottom. Are we at the bottom now? No one knows for sure…

No one else is buying here.


I sold puts, so if it dips to the strike price I’ll be buying.


i am still buying, both yesterday and today. Planned money to buy until S&P reach below 1000.


Wow, S&P below 1000 and you actually received 2 likes :slight_smile: