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You can treat 1000 figuratively as a description of the worst case.:grinning: Or do you think it is going to go way below 1000? :fearful:


I don’t think there’s any recession in sight so I believe the worst is probably today or sometime next week.


I live by these words today!
Lived, and died on this day :stuck_out_tongue:


I am thinking about buying another 4 plex. $100k under market, potential to double the rents. The stock market gives me a headache.


Already? This is just a ripple as opposed to a tsunami.


I only buy stocks when there are no RE deals. Looks like the stock market will be volatile this year. Not selling but may only buy on dips.


What’s the sticker price? and how does the cash flow look like?


What if this is precursor for tsunami?


sssh. i sincerely hope it’s not, not yet.


Bring it on, I need to test my portfolio’s ability to withstand recession.


Any suggested early warning indicators?

Good attitude. Also want to know whether the 8 selected 10x can withstand the onslaught :sweat_smile:


Give the man a break.


which man? you? wuqijun has most members of F10 and none of the 10x. I have 10x, one of them is Cloud King. His is an investment portfolio, mine is a mad money portfolio.


$500k currently $2500. Can be $5000/m




The math here is interesting. 5 of these at 2.5m total brings up about 25k/month? At this point it sounds better than buying a house in south bay. With extra cashflow you can rinse and repeat.


Of course. Rental income and cash flow matters. Can not live on appreciation. That is money for your grandkids…


That is why dividend portfolio is better than growth only.


New school thinks otherwise. You can regularly sell some shares of the growth stock which is equivalent to receiving dividends. The reason this works is because the return of a well selected growth stock is more than the aggregate return i.e. appreciation + dividends, of a dividend stock.


An illustration using GOOG vs T