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You see through my intent :+1:


My regret is loading up some calls as soon as facebook dropped (I bought on 3rd day of the drop). Good thing i bought longer expirations. I hope it will bounce back.




• The European Union holds “grave suspicions” about the dominance of Google (GOOG, GOOGL) and has not ruled out breaking it up, according to the bloc’s antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager.

• The EU slapped Google with a record €2.4B fine last June for giving its own comparison shopping service an illegal advantage in search results, while related investigations into the Play Store and AdSense are ongoing.


fb is going down the drain.


At this rate, FB would stabilize either at $140s or $110s.


Citron research:


Immediate plunge to $130s. People still listen to Citron :smiling_imp:
TSLA and GOOG also plunges along.
Technically, SHOP is retracing, could go down to $120s or $100s.


Yeah, I don’t get who listens to them. I wonder if their “research” is really designed to create a drop, so they can buy. If they really do short the names, they get killed unless they close the position within a couple of days of the research.


I think hedge funds pay them. Too much risk for his small firm to short big.


This means we will be in correction territory. Dow another 8%, we are officially 20% down from peak


Already? Even my portfolio isn’t 20% down yet.


citron is a good buying opportunity.


Again bought some FB calls early morning and went back to sleep.


Keep breaking your own rule of buying at the end of the day.

Not comfortable in buying calls. Just added 6 more shares. Total holding 24 shares.


Rules are for breaking. :smiling_imp:

There is not enough liquidity in options, especially LEAPS. That’s why I just submit my bids and went back to sleep. It may take hours to fulfill my order.


You get it wrong. You bend the rule, not break the rule :wink: You’ll be punished for breaking the rule, but could be rewarded for bending the rule.


Price has entered in the zone where it is possible that it is more or less the bottom but correction is not likely over in term of time.


What are option traders thinking?
Won’t long any FB calls unless it declines to $140s :wink: