Fang, ant, bat


If my guess is right, we may get AMZN at 750 back within next 2 years ! This is unimaginable, but doable.


Cash is the king ! Big investors may move to bonds or fixed investments.


Good! I’ll surpass them in net worth in no time!


What’s fb gonna do? SQ killed me today…


Poor you… :sob:


Good, will raise cash to buy in Seattle and SV in two years time :slight_smile:


Last year was the year of tech…This year value?

How about Dominos pizza?


Oh hell no! :frowning:


Now and then, CNBC loves to tickle AAPL investors by selectively chose the timeframe. Since Alphabet IPOed, AAPL returns higher than both GOOG and DPZ.


DPZ, Macdonalds and Energy are contrarian to tech…Good to have a balance…Tech is cyclical…2018 may be a good year to have some value stocks…




Just buy when economy is in deep trouble (if you know the bottom or near bottom). DPZ,MCD, BA, DEO, XOM, GM, GE (not now), MU are in my watch list.


And don’t play with knives and matches :grin:


Brought to you by CME.


Sfdragonboys favorite resturant has done well the last 5 years.


That’s @manch’s favorite. @sfdragonboy’s wingstop needs to go IPO first lol


FB recovers, AMZN, NFLX and TSLA dropping like a rock. Looking at their charts, more to go.


Irony…sweeter than a sugary Dennys desert…lol
Just think how rich Dragonboy would be it of he had bought Dennys stock instead of all those wings…


Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+19.95% :slightly_smiling_face: Decline more than 1% from last week
AAPL…+3.91% :grinning: Up more than 1% from last week
TSLA…-23.01% :fearful: Loss doubled
NFLX…+76.73% :thinking: Not too bad, held on to gain
mCap…-6.27% :confused: Interesting development
sCap… +22.69% :hushed: Quietly


You’re Dumb If You Don’t Bet the Ranch on FANG Stocks During This Tech Rout

These hard times are most certainly not here to stay for these tech rainmakers. If you’ve always wanted to invest in the sector but couldn’t quite justify sky-high valuations, now may be the time to act.

Author: Kinsey Grant