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Accumulation of F10 stocks

24 FB - 4 times overweight
50 TCEHY - 2 times overweight
12 NVDA - 2 times overweight
10 BIDU - 2 times overweight, newly added
2 GOOG - 2 times overweight

DCA purchasing approach is meant to be forever not just a few times. Is the safest approach to purchasing. When you’re accumulating, you want the stock prices to decline while waiting for your fund to be available. When you want to sell, you wish stock price is increasing, hopefully you are able to sell at a high. However, do not average down for long calls. Hesitant to add TSLA, NFLX and AMZN as they seem a lot more to fall… NFLX and AMZN seems to have risen on the new tax policy and with Trump’s comment, air is deflating. With recent AV accidents, anything riding on self-driving theme is deflating too.


Clearly one of the stock is defensive. Move your money to that now :slight_smile:



Is that TSLA? Ok… :slight_smile:


Is one of the stock you owned. May be is the largest stock holdings you owned :slight_smile:


Yes… indeed it is TSLA. Thank you :slight_smile:


Now you know the ingenuity of the old man, why he has 21 Blns !



“Trump Is Like, ‘How Can I F–k with Him?’”: Trump’s War with Amazon (and The Washington Post) Is Personal


Hahaha… bezos’s days are numbered… Rockefeller antitrust all over again.


If this is not abuse of presidential power I don’t know what is. Impeach!


I’m probably more impacted than anyone here. If all internet retailers have to collect sales tax for third party sales, then that’d be fair. The USPS thing is bizarre. All the government studies say the Amazon deal of profitable.


It’s bizarre only because you think Trump is in good faith. He’s not.


I think he wants to claim a win on behalf of all the retail people that have lost and are losing their jobs. Look at how the steel and aluminum tariffs went. It was a huge announcement that sounded super tough. It was just leverage to get some concessions.

Also, you can look at the Boeing negotiations where he made a lot of noise about the price of Air Force one replacements.

Most people lose interest after the initial statement. They don’t realize what really happens. In their mind, the initial headline is the final result. It’s not just a Trump phenomenon. It’s an Americans have the attention span of a goldfish problem. You can find survey questions all day long where a majority of Americans are wrong about basic facts. It’s the initial headline that has stuck with them as the truth. That or they read enough misleading headlines that they believe it.


If it’s only the initial headline Trump’s after, he already got it last week. He continued to attack Amazon on Saturday. I think it’s more than that. Like the VF article says, it’s personal for Trump. He wants to get back at Bezos for WaPo.

The whole world is talking about Facebook but Trump alone is attacking Amazon.


Zuckerberg is not a fanatic like Bezos who wants to take over everything. Therefore FB is no threat to Trump like Amazon is.


Amazon is not a threat, Bezos does exactly like Trump for tax avoidance ! Now, Trump is catching him.


Open strong


I feel the same - it’s personal vendetta for Trump!


As another proof Trump again attacked Amazon today.

This man has some mental issues, definitely unfit for president.