Fang, ant, bat


I don’t have amzn and techy!!! :weary:


GOOG is the only one I don’t have.


Feeling the peer pressure now. Based on closing price, AAPL is up by 1.6% from Aug 28 underperforming F10. Need to consider opening a new account to purchase F10 :slight_smile:


I’m slowly working towards smaller cap names. I’m not sure I’ll hold apple past the mythical iPhone 8 upgrade super cycle. I may start trimming FB soon.


My small cap portfolio appreciates 2.3% since Aug 28 so underperforms F10.
Since Aug 28, F10 appreciates 2.9%, my micro-cap portfolio appreciates 3.63%.


If you have to put all your money into only one, which one would it be?


I wouldn’t make major decisions based on 1-week of performance. If you want to go week-to-week, then start day-trading options.


Typically, stock market peaks in Aug and bottom in Sep/ Oct.
This year, FANG peaks in late Jul. So can start fishing in mid/late Sep.




Since Aug 28,
F10 … +1.14%
AAPL . -1.76% :rage:
mCap .+7.71% :laughing:
sCap . +0.08% :cry:

mCap = abbreviation for micro cap stock portfolio of LQMT, SYNA, AMBA, SPWR
sCap = abbreviation for small cap stock portfolio (10x)

wuqijun - the most risky portfolio is performing the best :joy:


As they should. Why else would you invest in them? High risk = high reward :slight_smile:


Positive analysis of GOOGL…


FANG is declining.
Two of ANT declining, TSLA up :slight_smile:
Two of BAT up, Alibaba declines.


Since Aug 28,
F10 … +5.31% :grin:
AAPL. . -0.98% :rage:
TSLA…+9.88% :triumph:
mCap. .+7.87% :smile:
sCap… -1.52% :cry:

So far, data shows that F10 is better than sCap, Marcus would say that is only a few weeks, time will tell :slight_smile:
Luckily didn’t do BAGD’s style of putting all in immediately, would be -20% instead of just 1.52% lower.


AH, NVDA hits by bad news, buying opportunity coming up😀


That’s not much of a drop. It’s been on fire.


Should decline eventually to $155-$160 :slight_smile: Patient. I have some short puts ($140), would add if it hits $160 :slight_smile: So far, make good money shorting puts :grin: and is willing to buy if below $140 :relaxed:


I rolled my Jan calls this week, and sold 2week OOM against them. Ready for the seasonality to start in October.


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +4.44% :grin:
AAPL. . -5.93% :rage:
mCap. .+9.56% :joy:
sCap…-1.70% :cry:

mCap continues to blast ahead and beyond :heart_eyes:


Apple and Tsla, 2 of my big bets, continue to get hammered and slapped in the face… :scream: :scream: