Fang, ant, bat


Be a sportsman. The bet is not over yet. So you’ve not lost. You want out? If you feel both your counters are unfairly punished, is ok to call off the bet :crazy_face:


3 months in and you want out? :smile:

Nah, let’s see if this market can climb out of Trump wall. Back in the 82-00 bull run the market overcame multiple recessions, huge rate hikes, Black Monday, S&L crisis, Russian default and the Asian financial meltdown. It’s never meant to be a joy pony ride. I still have faith in this market.

Earning season is about to start.


Not sure if earnings will help much though.


It’s the first quarter with the impact of the new tax law on earning.


Tesla bounced back so hard! Who here caught the falling knife? @manch? @hanera? @jil? Anyone?


No. Still don’t like the LA playboy.


Can people make up their minds? Is the sky falling or is everything great? Now we’re getting close to the 50-day.


Owned 3 TSLA👏🏻


This kind of UPs and DOWNs are common, but I really doubt whether we will beat Jan 26-29th peak this year.
The current UP run is expecting good results for this quarters. But, it is hard to guess how Mr.Market will behave on company results.

Still, I am not long on economy for next one or two years.


I did not go for TSLA, neither any stocks. I come out with 5.92% profit this year.

Either I will buy a home or just pay off my primary mortgage (3.625% reluctant to pay off) in next two months so that I take care of standard deduction instead of itemized. There is no point of going itemized after Trump increased the standard deduction. Live mortgage free life soon.


So you have no mortgage left? What about your rentals?


Long before you. Too old to care about maximizing profit and minimizing tax.


That just makes you feel old. Have some debt and you will feel 20 years younger. :running_man:


The ancient Chinese way is to get exercise on the bed. Is the only interest an old man feels is worthwhile to exercise :slight_smile:


Hong Kong’s richest man Superman Li finally retired last month at age 90. You bet he still cares about maximizing profits. In fact I think he has some stakes in pre-IPO Spotify.

Never stop caring about maximizing profits. Or else why get out of bed. Maybe you just want to stay in bed? Hmm…


You are big bro like WB, working with Cash only deals !

Cashing out (Maxing) rentals and paying off primary, getting benefit of trump changes !


How lewd… :rofl:


Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+16.60% :grin: Dropped 3%, still plenty of gain
AAPL…+4.28% :grinning: Slightly up
TSLA…-13.41% :grinning: Recovering in turmoil?
NFLX…+72.84% :grinning: Still strong
mCap…-6.68% :wink: Hardly change
sCap… +21.55% :rage: Why on why did I buy MU


Here we go again :slight_smile:



Day traders and speculators going in and out of the market like playing the casino.