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Still doubtful, though i have calls on fb dated 2019, and 20.


Futures up


Facebook by the end of 2018 could have market cap north of 700B. ==> Defintely not going like that. For this FB must sell above $235.

Now, you are doing a fundamental analysis between GOOG and FB.

Just sharing my thought process. Due to this recent issue, FB needs to spend lot of money on security that results expenses and revenue loss in next 6 months. It reduces the profit margin this year.

My guess is that FB will go around 175 and max 180 and likely will come down after qtrly results (even though they may declare good results). IMO, This Mcap will not cross 550B.

Did you buy FB stocks when it dipped 151? If so, great. If someone wants to buy now, thinking it is going back to above 200, I really doubt this year.


I bought FB at the dip. Never been a fan of tech stocks. But Facebook is an advertising company. They have few costs and huge revenues. Even if they have hire another 20k employees. Unlike Tesla they don’t have to produce anything. building cars is hard, selling ads is easy. Car companies have low margins. Google and Facebook have high margins. Too me Amazon is more like Tesla than FB. At some point Amazon will have the same low margins as Walmart. Amazon already has 500k employees. FB only has 25k.
BTW I saw the congressional hearings as a two day infomercial for FB. I think they got great free advertising. And as far as privacy… There is none on the Internt. Or anywhere else these days. Everyday info is stolen or hacked. Not a FB only issue.


If someone bought TSLA at $250 and FB around $150, it is a good deal this year. FB is too good as they make good profits. TSLA is too volatile, but normally stays above $300.


Traders can always make money especially with hindsight. But I am a long term holder. I hate paying taxes on short term gains. You are already guaranteed a 30%-40% loss to the government.


I didn’t buy anything at the dip (yet), worried about daily volatility… but I was thinking about getting some GOOG as they are the only product of any FANGs I use and the PE comparable to FB. However, they could be at similar risk like FB as they store user data. Is it a good time to get GOOG?


Unfortunately, I can not say “Good” or “Bad” time. The question is WHAT IF I AM WRONG. Many times, I was wrong too.

Like Manch is doing analysis, please read the fundamentals and see whether you are able to make a deal at some price point during DIP.

The reason I was quoting FB or TSLA, they both went down low.

Getting FB now, IMO, is fine as long as we expect it to reach 175 or 180, beyond that I doubt, that is all.

P/E of FB is far better than P/E of GOOG. But, product wise, Google has wide varied areas than FB. All I can say is GOOG looks fine at 1000 price, but you need to decide whether it is good or bad.

BTW: I sold all stocks except one TEVA (in loss now, holding until I make profit). I do not plan on getting into any stocks soon.


No one can be blamed for being wrong with today’s unpredictability! Personally I don’t hold anyone to their ‘best guesses’ on stock prices but enjoy reading how people think about them. You are a pro with an objective eye so I had to ask, Jil. Even though it had a smaller dip, GOOG is one stock I’d be willing to hold long term an it seems to have a solid business, so I will probably place an order.


In that case, both GOOG and FB are good to buy and hold. They both will give good results, but market may react any way to them.

GooG does not have any impact, but went down due to FB issue and law makers review. The fact is google sites are highly reliable and secure than FB. Google does not need additional expenses like the way FB needs to spend. This is a chance to Buy the Dip.


Imaged :slight_smile: Prepare for hate speech if you’re wrong :rage:


If you and me are connected to same router, I can easily hack all your whatsup messages with the help of $10 software. It happened to my friend/partner in his office, people hacked his whatsup messages, and one of them tipped him with a print of what he has messages. This had happened in last 6 months.

FB and its products are so secure that can be easily seen by others. You can not do anything easily with GOOG except Android eats faster battery than IOS.

If FB results are good, the price stays same or goes up. If FB results are even slightly down, investors pull it down further.

I always prefer GOOG over FB as GOOG has diversified products. Since FB went down way high, it is attractive, but it is hard to beat GOOG.

Google owns more than 200 companies, including those involved in robotics, mapping, video broadcasting, telecommunications and advertising. Google is growing through acquisitions, but it is also increasing revenues in each of the companies it owns. In cases where an acquisition cannot grow revenues, Google tends to sell that company.


GOOG is diversified in how they spend R&D money. They aren’t diversified on revenue. 90% of their income is from advertising.


Citron hard at work.

Cramer likes Nvidia’s prospects so much he even named his dog Nvidia.

I need to name my dogs Amazon, Facebook, Tencent and Micron.


You realize dogs live 10+ years. Will you own those stocks for that long? I’ve known people that name a pet after an athlete on their favorite team. That sucks when the player leaves as a free agent.


Absolutely. Look at @hanera, who’s owned AAPL for 20 years and running.


Now we know the names of @hanera’s two sons: Apple I and Apple II. :smile:


I named a foster dog Steve. It was right after I left Apple. The German family that adopted him kept the name. Now Steve lives in Georgia, since they relocated.


Steve Han and Tim Han


So your last name is “Han”?