Fang, ant, bat


Easier to scale, and they are directly the money flow. Clean business. As we have more businesses going live, they will profit more. Business l3nding also is good.

Now if sq and stripe merges somehow… That would be paypal killer :slight_smile:


Why aren’t you buying Tencent and Alibaba? Biggest payment platforms in the world.


It might be because they are not in my daily life.

Besides some momentum buying i tend to invest in stuff i do see in my daily life, i guess. If xiaomi ipo’d, i would invest.


You use xiaomi phones? Just saw a rumor minutes ago saying they will IPO in HK in May. Target market cap 65-70B USD.


Sorry just remember Alibaba doesn’t have any payment. Jack Ma stripped it out righty before Baba IPO’ed and put into Ant Financial. It’s now the biggest unicorn in the world.


Xiaomi is in small parts of my work life, lets say.


That’s what I thought too. Would be nice if my BABA stock has some alipay in it. But that’s fine because I don’t think Tencent stripped payment out of it’s stock :slight_smile:


Facebook will be using AI technology to identify questionable activities and content posted. The firm also plans to assign around 20,000 people to work on security and content.

Overall, the testimony didn’t really change our view and valuation on the company. Morningstar still rating Facebook as a wide-moat and valuing it at $198 per share.


Market going to open up today. Despite Syria and Comey. BTW Comey got Trump elected. He is a sanctimonious Boy Scout who has managed to piss off everybody on both sides.


At this point mueller or rosenstein related things can cuase an issue.


Trump will fire Mueller. But he is in this mess because he fired Comey. I can see why, the guy is annoying. But it could be Trumps undoing.
I don’t care. The Republicans won’t impeach him. And if the Democrats do next year Pence will be president… fine with me. The market will take a tumble when Mueller is fired. Buying opportunity


Nobody would care about Comey except Trump at this point. Old news and nobody likes this guy. Hope his book sale will earn him a comfortable retirement, but I think his book will have no impact on midterm election.

In an ideal world, FBI should not become a factor in elections.


Sorry, pay per view…:grinning:


Are you ever bullish on any stock?


A reason why I don’t look into stock investing too much is due to my work. I actually see a lot of these types of clients in their infancy and it could be construed as inside trading. I don’t want a call from the SEC.


Lame excuse. In that case maybe Zuckerberg shouldn’t own any shares of Facebook.


That was one of the reasons why I missed out on FB. Wanted to buy it at $19 back in 2012 but because of the nature of my work I could not by law.


Another lame excuse. You could’ve bought it in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, or even today.


Nope - I could not buy in 2013 either because I was still employed by the same company. I am not buying today because it’s not at my target price point.


I missed out on AMZN and FB because I think they are losers :wink: