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I sold some of my AAPL to buy BABA. Continue to rebalance my portfolio away from American tech and more towards Chinese tech.


BABA went up what 100% last year I don’t recall exact number, still has legs? What business model has changed so soon or long term play?


No change in business model at all. Just momentum play.


All my plays are long term play because my timing skill sucks. Alibaba is like a super Amazon in a country with 1.4B people whose GDP grows at 6.5% a year.


Its funny, why we all know these things deep down already but didnt throw the kitchen sink when the stock was 59.25 in sep 2015 (2 years), lol. Infact I got frustrated with BABA I sold whatever little I bought at 90 at 78ish to free up capital.


Yeah, hindsight is 20/20. :smile:


That’s why always buy and hold!!! I bought all the BABA I’ve ever wanted to buy on its IPO day back in 2014, at $90 a piece. I have not bought more nor sold any since.


Well, this strategy backfired at least for today!


Fortunately life is longer than one day.


Correction for BAT and NVDA just started/ a week ago. Other members of FANG and ANT correction started about 1-2 months ago.


Your strategy backfired again today. But I suppose life is longer than 2 days…


So long doesn’t break below $164.35 still got chance that BABA could re-bounce to new high.


I think it will go to new high eventually…


Where is the support? I need to long some calls to capitalize on this eventuality :slight_smile:


Just sell some Apple to buy Baba like what @manch did :wink:


Which one has higher chance of doubling? AAPL or BABA? I think BABA.


Yes but I think both @hanera and I need to consider the tax consequences of selling Apple.


Put that cost into calculation. If you still think BABA will outperform AAPL even after accounting for capital gain tax, then holding onto AAPL is irrational.


Don’t be so timid. Borrow margin against the AAPL to buy BABA. It’s win-win. You avoid the AAPL tax bill, and you still get to buy BABA.


I already did that back in 2014… :rofl: