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We are in an upswing not a downturn. So stocks is better than RE, according to your logic.


Funny you mention this. From my recent experience with the 1031 exchange, I would argue that it is as tough or tougher than before. Now, sure, small sampling and it could be just that the one off lender happened to want to play extra safe and play games by asking us for every freaking possible documentation possible but come on!!! We net, what, nearly 3/4 of a million dollars that was literally sitting at the Exchange intermediary ready to fire away on Property B, our credit scores are over 800 (I beat you, Sweetie, again!!!), we make more than the “SF low income standards” and we are holding so much cash reserves that financial planners would slap us silly. Please, we are not in any way, shape or form, close to being a financial risk. I don’t care what your standards are. Yes, we ended up getting a sweet sub 4.0% loan but it took awhile and too many faxes and emails…


If you can get a real cheap loan and have incredible credit score, that’s nothing to celebrate. That means too many of your resources are sitting at the sidelines and you are not taking full advantage of your abilities.


Fair point, but we are content/happy with our lifestyle for the most part. Yes, we are both still grinding away at work but we eat pretty well and we sleep well at night. Once I finally finish up in San Bruno, I do plan on gathering all of my retirement paperwork from various jobs and all bank and annuity paperwork and hit up a financial planner to ask him/her: ok, how are we doing and when can we retire?

Believe me, my contractor who just made a nice sum off me, wants me to consider buying and flipping with him. I just bought another place!!! He said money is to be made but let me breathe for a minute…


Exactly. Dragonboy should have bought 5 more houses in the downturn


Look, why don’t we few folks here go in on a partnership flip or two and split the proceeds? My contractor does the work, we supply the dough and voila…


Growing or shrinking should be very public info if they are publicly traded. They have to report every quarter. Layoffs above a certain number have to be reported. A quick visit to any company website will show you how many job openings they have (expected growth).

The acquisition info is a no-go if it’s not public.


PM me.


No more!!! Oh, let’s not mention that healthy home equity line money that I can tap into for a quick flip or three…


You could simply use your Heloc and 750k cash to buy the replacement property easily and then refinance. With refi, your stress level would go down 90%


I may be up for a flip or maybe a remodeling of the small Fremont house next year… Honestly, I don’t miss the 4plex at all…


If you quit your job and flip full time, maybe you can use the flipping profit to replace your income.

But I think rental income is more reliable than flipping


Ok, so the only rub on that is I want to work a few more years to qualify for limited medical coverage. I still have to pay some but I am hoping it is not too bad but it is a cadillac plan (PPO). Unfortunately, I didn’t stay at one employer long enough to have that one aspect covered. Oh well…


Wqj, manch and elt1 are all thriving without any employer paid medical insurance.

After 65, you will get Medicare. With Medicare, is your limited coverage still useful?

I’m not sure my employor has any such limited medical coverage plans. Is it only for public employers? I may need to go work for a government agency


I certainly will not work an extra day just to get myself qualified for some cheap health plan.


How much does your health insurance cost you? Do you also use Obamacare exchange?

I like to quit, but healthcare is indeed an issue I don’t know much about


If you are worried about that, then you are not ready to quit.


For what I would qualify for, it would be prime PPO. My company’s plan is quite good and extensive. Our network of available providers is probably one of the more extensive. Stanford is in the network. No Kaiser crap for us. I just meant limited in the sense that I would have to pay a portion for it. How much? I probably need to ask HR…


I think the health deterioration you are experiencing due to job related stress more than negates the helpful effect of having a better health care provider.


Yeah, I think my health is hurt by my job. For my sake of health, I should email the resignation tonight :rofl: