Fang, ant, bat


So you are telling us that you are actually a genius?


Don’t think I can live another 29 years to prove the point. In any case, doubt my net worth can grow at 15%+ for long since AAPL appear to be slowing down.


Time to liquidate AAPL and max out on FB.


Why FB? Why not AMZN or TENCENT?


FB? Why not AMZN or NFLX?
I am scaling in all the F10s, TEVA and MU.
Also hoping a few of the 10x can be worth ramping up investment.

F10 as a group is growing at 30%+ p.a. :slight_smile: safer play than picking a single member of F10.


All correct except TEVA. Don’t fall into @Jil’s trap.


You wasted too much money in RE…


Well, either Yes Dear or slower growth.


You know what, I did a quick math of the growth of my net worth since 2002. It also grew by 15% a year… I think I would be a genius if I could keep it up for another 30 years… :rofl:


After you get married, if you ever do, better get used to single digit growth rate. :smile:


I’m not @tomato. Wife and kids can subsist minimally in order for me to reach my financial goal :rofl:


ouch, shots fired.


What told you i am not reaching my financial goals :slight_smile:


Um… it’s just a joke. Don’t take it personally… :rofl:


It’s a personal joke for @tomato.


heh, he knows more about me than you, so he’s doing targeted jokes.


Time to show us everything about you so we can know you better.


1.15 ^ 16 = 9.3X

Guesses on his base line? :slight_smile:


:scream: Please do so on @hanera first…


Since you invited him, he’ll pull his rich list.