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Do you keep a record of your networth every year? I guess most people don’t even know their networth in 2012, not to mention 2002


Top 1 percent is top 1 percent for a reason. How do you know where you are going if you didn’t know where you were?


Men play rough is a good thing. Train us to deal with any future real issues. Something that many female teachers don’t understand, often call boys naughty and don’t behave. IMHO, we should reduce the number of female teachers in K-12.


If $1M, then $9.3X M :slight_smile:


You too envious over TEVA? We have a sync back every 2 years.

Now, I am convinced, everyone including wuqijun, envies about AAPL holding and TEVA holding asking us to get rid of it !


TEVA is a death trap.




Here I am talking only taxable account.

In short, you are expecting stocks to return 10% over the S&P500 every year. The easier part is that you can gain better than S&P500 or QQQ index funds consistently every year. It is doable over a long period,say 20 to 30 years, but not every year consistently, say one year 5% and another year 40%, but over all 10%.

The toughest part is identifying right stocks, at the early period and hang on to it. Needs practice to pick right stocks.

We can have two accounts each with same amount, one with index funds (Say SP500 or Nasdaq) and another stock picking account. If we are able to beat few years, say next five years (both bullish and bearish period), it is nice and good.


It is always wuqijun vs Others and not any other way :rofl:


Two tough decisions, identify and hold on :slight_smile:


Not really. It’s just me vs. you. But you know you’ve already lost.


Lost where or how?




Explain more quantitatively?


Already did. Many times.


If you do not explain quantitatively means you are not telling the truth, but just trying say “You won”.


VGT is a pretty decent fund, but I am not a fan of its weighting. Maybe I just know enough to be dangerous but not well enough to be a genius… :thinking:

Where the heck is Amazon? Facebook only 4.7%? Intel? Cisco? ORACLE?? :man_facepalming:


How old are you and how old do you think I am?
What percentage of your net worth is in stocks and what percentage do you think my net worth is in stocks?
What is the value of your stock portfolio and what do you think the value of my portfolio is?
What kind of stock is Teva and what kind of stock do you think Tsla is?

Try to answer these questions yourself and draw your own conclusion.


All are irrelevant questions, except highlighted one.

Your EGO does not accept when others are doing fine, for that you just trying to say “You won” without any valid quantitative proof.


All are relevant. You just refused to listen.


Yeah. VGT is not that good that way. It was available as commission free etf, and hence pullled it. To compensate, I bought AMZN individually. The troublesome part is that they are removing Google and Faceboook and moving it to Tele-communications etf next month making the etf less useful. I will likely have to buy qqq going forward.