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I repeat, You have not proved your claim quantitatively yet, trying to dodge with various ways.

Let us not spam this good thread…I stop here.


You already spammed enough with your nonsensical stock analyses. I just hope that no one here actually followed your lead.


When economy dips into recession, evaluate FAANG and few other dividend stocks and buy it, hold forever.

If you have time,read these books whichever you feel suitable to you.

  1. Stephen H. Penman Accounting for Value or Aswath Damodaran The Little Book of Valuation
  2. Seth A Klarman Margin of Safety




Weren’t you supposed to have stopped the spamming already? :rofl:


Another illogical statement. If you are going to buy and hold forever, that means you are not good with market timing. If you are bad at it, what makes you think the prices at the next recession are going to be lower than today’s?

Moral: buy them now. Look at @manch, he also just bought Nflx at an all time high.


Buy the F10, forget about VGT. If want more diversification, add in Cloud Kings. Go for equal weights.


buy square calls at the next > 10% drop. I am the only guy trying to time the market :slight_smile:
or anything in FANG + S


Another illogical statement ==> This means you do not understand the “Margin of Safety”, a way to maximize profit.



Well, if understanding what “Margin of Safety” is can lead to the kind of subpar performance like your portfoilo, I’d rather not know it at all.


@Jil I think you are too fixated on books. Your screenshot doesn’t really tell us anything extra; it’s just common sense, aka you buy stocks that are perceived to be undervalued. I am not on anyone’s side here but in general attaching screen captures doesn’t really help your argument. Yes you too @sfdragonboy.


You want to start WW3 here don’t you? :scream:


If it’s gonna burst out no matter what might as well start now :smiling_imp:


Before we all burst in flame I just wanna say I love you all. :heart:


First, Margin of Safety is too big subject and can not be explained in few paragraphs.

Second, I am not even fixated on books.Good Investment books are really educating people to understand the concepts and effectively use it in their day to day life. Just like education system makes a person from elementary school to graduate level, the investing books refine the knowledge of investor.

It is the difference between a Mason trying to design a multi-story building and a architect trying to design a multi-story building.

Unless you decide to read and understand, there is no way for anyone to know the detail.


Definitely. Reading too many books can either help you or ruin you. It’s one thing if you’re able to synthesize what you’ve read and regurgitate that knowledge into something useful. If you can’t do that, then you’re just a bookworm.


Targeted or to all of us? Second Spring squawk :slight_smile:


He is talking about investing not trading. All options are out because they expire.


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