Fang, ant, bat


You need to have plenty :slight_smile:


Yes, @manch’s $25 million might not be enough.


That’s nice comfortable life. Business class flight, helpers to help at home, and not thinking to spend money. That’s it. IT’s still a nice place to be though :slight_smile:

@sfdragonboy should really adopt me :stuck_out_tongue:


You have better odds buying lottery than getting adopted.


you never know :slight_smile:


You need to impress his wife.


Probably cant do :frowning: not sure how to impress her.


Go to his house and one up him by being naked. He walks around with underwear, you one up with nothing on :rofl::joy:


Young people like @tomato should aim to overtake dragon networth in 5 years. If you are not sure give yourself 10 years. He’s all tied up in RE and RE growth rate should decelerate big time in the next 5 years.

He’s taking to some nut job financial advisor but you have the wisdom of the forum.

You clearly have the upper hand. Aim high. :smile:


OMG. I’ve finally found my crystal ball… :rofl:


I dont know how to pass his net worth, because i dont know or care about his net worth :slight_smile:

Though I have goals for myself, part of which is why I am somewhat agressive. As usualy goal is to have some cashflow and some assets - active business (fedex route is one possibility) is on the near term roadmap. The rest is stocks & options :d


Don’t you agree we beat all those fancy pants financial advisers hands down? Many don’t even have a million to their names.


I agree :slight_smile:

However, some of them who got the scale (hundreds of millions in assets) would easily beat you, from the fees they charge alone :stuck_out_tongue:


They get rich by fleecing their clients and giving bad advices. I don’t like folks taking advantage of people.


That’s the world we live in. Charge for the service, win even if it goes bye bye.


In general, we should wish the youth performs better than the elder, otherwise the human species would regress :slight_smile:


Hedge funds is another huge scams. People running those funds may be smart but the incentives are all lined up wrong. That’s why their performance is so bad.

Funds’ biggest concern is retaining and attracting clients. So they actually can’t make very long term bets. If the bets go sour for even a couple months they will look bad compared to other funds and clients will walk. Funds also can’t use very high leverage because it will make their fund super volatile. Again clients may not like it and walk.

Individual investors having no one to answer to except herself should beat hedge funds easily.


That can easily be achieved, just invest in index fund already beat 90%+ of the hedge funds.


Right. Beating hedge funds is like stealing toys from babies. Too easy to even be a goal. Beating indices are much harder.


I’m forever young :smile: