Fang, ant, bat


Exactly, as you have shown somewhere in this thread. You need to achieve annualized 15% to beat index fund 10%.


You’re already outperformed me at the same age, what more do you want?
In fact, I think manch and tomato too. Perfectly ok, human species are progressing well :slight_smile:


You have a wife and two heirs. He’s far behind.


But my grandfather had 6 heirs, 3x @hanera’s…


Funny, my grandfather had 3 heirs, and one of my uncle (father’s brother) has 5 heirs.



That’s not saving, that’s income :slight_smile:


Quality, not quantity.


Exactly my 2 heirs is better than wqj’s grand dad 6 heirs. :grimacing:


You sure about that? What if your 2 heirs decided that they want to spend their inheritance faster and murdered both you and your wife?


Is ok, the old should make way for the young🤓


:scream: :scream:


I have no heirs heh.


Xiaomi will IPO today in Hong Kong. Looks like price will be depressed. I am breaking my no IPO rule and buying some.


Not available in us, right?


Nope. Go to the source luke.




With IB you can trade all the major markets in the world.


Don’t bother… Go buy some AAPL instead.


Ah right forgot that. Thanks