Fang, ant, bat


I will wait for price to go down a little due to trading wars etc :slight_smile:


I thought prices already discounted for that though. Will not go down further because of that.


Chinese stocks seem to be taking a beating in general. Might go a bit more. Anyway, i was gonna trade it that is why :slight_smile: even though i like xiapmi as a company


Already at the trough.


Did you catch the bottom @tomato?


No, didn’t buy, decided not to do it (i’d buy and hold this in my retirement account, since it’s not doable there, i decided to not do it. I don’t plan to sell the stocks i have now.


What are these buy n hold stocks?


For China, Tech Giant Tencent Is Both a National Champion and a Threat


Is this dragon taking off or will be shot down?


Same old McMansion. He was selling a beach house in LA, he might have other homes as well


Taking off.




Has already taken off. Tencent is also very careful to do the CCP’s bidding.

China needs a social networking app, and Tencent has proven its loyalty over and over. Why would that be a threat?




Members of F10, so disappointed. Thought you’ve identified some 100x stocks.


Is from Shenzhen. CCP wants companies from Beijing. Didi :slight_smile:


Shenzhen is DXP’s favorite. No other town shows the success of china’s reform better than Shenzhen.


Sounds like he needs to hear @wuqijun’s lecture on margins.

Given the low leverage doesn’t look like he can overtake dragon in 10 years.


That’s my mad man portfolio :slight_smile: NTNX (terrible performance so far), JD (oh man), IRBT (damn you), SQ (clear winner), UBNT (runner up).


How do you know i am low leverage :slight_smile:


FB and NFLX have risen a lot. That should have given you more buying power. Unless your gearing ratio is 0.


It depends when you have bought them :slight_smile: