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I see that aapl follows Tsla’ s movements closely… maybe they end up in the same place… :rofl:


There are other less crazy ways to bet on electric cars. One is to bet on lithium, the essential material in car batteries. Companies like $ALB are big miners. Another way is Chinese car makers like BYD.

I can’t stand Elon. Too much of a showboat, and goes against my rule of not investing in playboys with trophy wives/gfs.


You said the same about Jack Ma back then. Maybe you’ll change your mind, one of these days… :rofl:


Yeah, I may change my mind. Maybe the sooner the better… :smile:


What is the point of making money if you can’t spend it on sex and drugs and rock n roll?
I don’t care what Musk spends… Just don’t think he delivers in his promises… The Trump of Tech


I’ll bet money they fall short on Q3 car deliveries. The question is how much will they increase the forecast.

Has anyone seen a model 3 on the road? There’s supposedly 30 of them out there. That’s smaller than a typical PVT build. There’s no way the car is in production yet. It amazes me they’ve blown through billions of cash and still can’t achieve a decent line rate. Especially since they aren’t restricted to using union labor where there’s rigid job descriptions.

People talk about Apple’s manufacturing problems. That’s because they are trying to produce tens of millions a quarter. No one makes a single phone at that scale. Tesla can’t even get 100,000/yr off a line that should be capable of 500,000/yr. If you can’t leverage the massive capital investment in an assembly line to get a good line rate, then profitability is a pipe dream.


Um… at least TSLA is not bitcoin…


Since Aug 28,
F10 … +7.16% :grin: large improvement from last week, boost from TSLA and NFLX
AAPL. . -3.82% :rage: improve from last week
TSLA…+3.25% :grinning: large improvement from last week
mCap. .+8.83% :joy: drop slightly from last week, not much better than F10 now
sCap…-0.95% :cry: improve from last week, didn’t improve as much as F10, excluding IRBT is +ve


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +9.12% :grin: huge leap forward, boost from NVDA, NFLX and BIDU
AAPL…-2.77% :rage: improve from last week
TSLA…+2.87% :grinning: drop from last week
mCap…+10.34% :joy: good improvement from last week
sCap…+0.28% :grinning: finally above water despite big drag from IRBT & bearish assault by Citron


F10 … +8.44% :neutral_face: MegaCap is good.
AAPL…-3.23% :rage:
mCap…+8.38%, less than F10 :cry:
sCap…+0.88% :grinning: Need to deploy more funds… too much idle cash


Market opened strong but decline later possibly because of moody’s comment that GOP tax plan is set up to fail.


There was another report about peak growth too. That’s honestly a very small move down for 2 very negative macro news items.


Market is so red today that it hurts my eyes.


Why didn’t you sell everything yesterday? Could have saved your eyes from hurting… :rofl:


TSLA got the boot today. I also exited calls on things below the 10-day. Better to lock in the profits now and buy again later if momentum returns. That’s an advantage of buying ITM enough that time premium is near zero. I did pickup some more NTNX, VEEV, and TWLO.


Added more short puts for NTNX.


F10 is strong especially FANG… look like is the best way to invest till it didn’t work.


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +9.16% :neutral_face: not bad
AAPL…+0.98% :grinning: finally positive for the one that matter
TSLA…-7.17% :thinking: buying opportunity or goner?
mCap…+9.20% more than F10 again :rofl:
sCap…-0.5% negative again :cry:


Went out to run some errand, noted market had rallied quite a bit :slight_smile:


Even with SHOP down ~10%, I’m green for the day. That’s crazy.