Fang, ant, bat


TSLA and FB led the tech stocks down. My eyes hurt.


Today FB and TSLA, tomorrow APPL… down and down we go… :rofl:


My brokerage only has TSLA options to Feb 18. I want some Jan 19 puts.


You should change to AmeriTrade/ ThinkOrSwim platform if you want to trade options. Best option platform, and started by an ex-Apple badge. I think he left to start another option trading platform :smile: I’m too lazy to change platform after getting used to ToS. Can’t even remember the name of his new baby.


Interactive Brokers is really cheap. I’ve thought about switching, but I don’t do enough options trading.


Free to change. Their graphing and tools are superb. I have three monitors, one showing this blog & iMessage. The other showing ToS. Another multipurpose.


When Wuqijun buys a Bolt then buy Tesla stock. …that will be the bottom. .500k buyers waiting for Godot…Meanwhile GM, BMW, Nissan and others are silently building better products…The Tesla window is short…Musk has at most 2 years to stop lying and start producing. …If not he will just be a battery maker…


That means you will never buy any Tsla stock… :rofl:


My point exactly
Besides the money is in the battery

Musk should focus on something that can make money

Although with his ADD focus is very hard for him


They can’t make the batteries though…


That’s fine… if you missed out on the EV wave there’s always AI coming your way… :rofl:


Maybe in 2 years Musk will figure out how to make a lot of batteries… If not the Chinese will…
Reno’s economy is betting on Musk batteries, hope he succeeds… a lot easier than building cars


Lithium batteries are changing everything
From power tools, golf carts and the potential for living off the grid with house batteries… I think batteries are a better short term bet than cars…


I am buying lithium miners. No matter who makes the cars they all need lithium for their batteries.


Which ones? I looked at that but I wasn’t impressed with the ones I saw. I don’t get why the growth rates are so low.


Lithium and battery themes have been hot and cold… the last time they are hot is when the first iPod was launched.


I am buying ALB, the largest lithium miner. Stock has doubled this year.


How did their revenue decline from 2015 to 2016 if Lithium is growing in popularity? Q1’17 revenue was down yr/yr and Q2’17 revenue was only up 10%. That’s what I don’t get about these miners. The demand for Lithium is supposedly booming, but the revenue growth isn’t there. The stock doubled while revenue growth is less than 10% in the first half of this year?


For all the excitement about EV’s they still only make up a teeny tiny percentage of cars. Buying ALB today is a bet on a future dominated by EV. Maybe you can make a case that the stock is getting ahead of itself.


Reminds me of cell tower equipment makers ahead of 3G roll out.