Fang, ant, bat



But I do not see bearish market now even though Nasdaq went to this level today! But both spy and qqq are at SMA200 level!!!

If MSFT and AMZN makes low growth and spy goes down another 10 % , I agree!


Very high volume with hardly any change in prices.

Short-term re-bounce in sight. STFR.

Avoid high P/E regardless of past high growth rates. Growth rates can slow drastically.




Both MSFT and TSLA would tumble next week. STFR.


Shopping spree is coming.


Remind me next Friday !


Not enough blood. Might have a re-bounce 2mrw or latest next week for people to STFR. And then another down draft.

Daily charts of FAANG.

All except THE ONE is below 200-day SMA.


The more blood the merrier. If there is one thing I have a lot of that’s patience.


There are things in life that you can’t wait :grinning:
Is a great time to scale into index ETF VOO and VFINIX for my sons’ brokerage account. Have been waiting for a long time. Frankly, is still too high, higher than my first purchase of VOO at $233 and VFINIX at $225.





If FED stops Dec rate hike !

If these negative happens, forget long calls

If in future, Nov 6th, if hanging government comes in USA, none of the programs will get vote, that includes DEC 7th shutdown funding !

If FED does not stop rate hike and add another 0.25%.


Are you saying AMZN would drop below $1000?


AMZN is still making good profit. This is unfortunate time to get into issues as market makers are pulling all stocks like kind of shorting. Market reaction, esp short term, is wilder than actual. They will pull down AMZN more than actual. Yesterday Nasdaq was oversold region.

Economy is doing good and many companies are doing great. It is an opportunity to buy when AMZN is too low.

If all negatives are happening, like hanging government, recovery may happen after Jan 2019.

If Rep wins by Nov 6th, recovery will happen after election as it is easy to pass govt shutdown and may likely pressurize FED to stop increasing rate (which is really a guess at this point as FED is independent).


After many words… :roll_eyes:
Btw, my GTC buys are between $1350-$1550.


Mine is $1349.


What are the odds of a Republican victory.


I am Very poor in politics !


Define “victory”.