Fang, ant, bat


Guess my GTC $120 won’t be triggered.


FB was down already at 140 level. Just bought one to watch FB.

I have not read the full details, and future forecast that mattters long run.

AMZN yet to get , cleared some cash for AMZN waiting for opportunity.


fb down 3% ah.



the main fear might be because of shrinking profit / increasing costs.


Tanked after earning call started.


Look like $120 is beckoning.


Huh? It’s back up to 150 last time I checked…


Only beckoned in your mind…


BLEW UP! $153 now. :smile:


Grave dancers! :rage:


It looks to me that a lot of people on this forum are only used to an up market. If we are in a bear market let’s see who, like Hanera, can hang for the long haul.


You will not sell your Tahoe homes even if that lake freezes over, that much I know.


i have been shitting bricks, but didn’t sell : )


Already? What happens when the real recession begins?


i buy more.


After 2008 everything seems like a cake walk. I know several retired people that never recovered from it. Panicked, sold and are struggling now.


good thing i am not yet retired & accumulating.


That means you haven’t been taking full advantage of your purchasing power right now.


I sold one two months ago in an exchange.
Will probably sell one a year over the next few years. I will exchange into LA beach property. I heard that market is soft…:sunglasses: