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You also purchased FB 6 years ago? I was commenting on my FB purchase, nothing to do with Tsla.


No blind trust other than WB! I was skeptical as last time they said rev growth reduction. Even now they say rev growth reduction.

Once I get the possible values, I see why FB is going up.

Now, whatever I bought it stay as hold except the call option.


Why did not you buy more FB like TSLA? I am not questioning, curious you should have taken another opportunity to get it at 140.

FB May grow , but still long way to grow back to 200 level. The growth will be very slow.

But, FB is a simple money making machine !


Just messing with you. So long Mark and Sheryl are around, I really don’t care about the macro and other executives. They should be able to navigate, 37% down from ATH is bear market but so what? Long term it means nothing. Having said that, it probably trade like what you said $140-$180 for a few quarters before the bull trend resumes. Smart businesswo(man) :wink: know how to modify business model and products to stay relevant.


Guo is a nut. Don’t listen to him.



Because of FB’s market cap. When I purchased FB 6 years ago, its market cap was already bigger than Tsla’s even today. How much more room does it have? Tsla has much more potential now.


Wish you great success. :grinning: and JIL too :grin:
I really don’t understand TSLA :blush: otherwise would back up the truck. Wonder how you guys can understand TSLA so well. Probably because I don’t like cars.


No need to understand anything. Just take a good look at the market cap and have faith in Musk’s ability.


You have valid question: You can not say Long term it means nothing.

Would you like to buy FB at $140 or $210 for long term holding…? Why? Which is financially Savvy?

Similarly, would you like to invest in a company that has profit margin at 44% or 37% YOY? why?

The price you purchase is very important, buy at low.

As of yesterday, I was thinking the FB rev growth is decelerating to 9%, then FB reaching 120 is possible

Now, after my revised calculations, it is 24% growth from 33% growth, FB is growing slowly than past. I do not see any visibility that it will go to $120, but going back to $200 takes longer time.


No doubt !

You re-read the TSLA thread and see each TSLA model 3 may have Profit margin 10k-15k level. 82k cars/qtr they dispatch means TSLA Profit may be 820M to 1230M range per qtr.


Is there any chance that Sheryl will leave Facebook? The Square CFO left recently and that had a massive impact on stock price. If Sheryl is hoping to get involved in politics it feels like it’s going to hurt her to continue too long at FB. She has been there 10 years. She could rebrand herself for next few years somewhere else so she has another, less controversial role to talk about in her campaigning.


IMHO, leadership calibre trumps :blush: FA (and TA obviously). Those numbers can go up and down depending on macro, regulatory and competitive environment. Leadership should know how to navigate. Just like wqj believes in Musk, he works for him before but I didn’t, so is a psychological chasm to cross.

Unfortunately the low that I want to purchase at have past me by.


Women’s wish :slight_smile: FB tint will stay with her, regardless where she goes to re-brand.


We have seen How AMZN tumbled from 2100 to 1480 ! FB also tumbled like the same, but with leadership guidance.

In FB case, leadership acknowledged declaration and then price came down from $217 to 140. Now, with current and future guidance, FB value will be increasing it.

This Q3 results and Guidance is the key for FB and I have been telling that many times, but everyone was blindly believing it which is not 100% fool proof.


Since Aug 28, 2017,

F10 … .+18.51% :persevere: Down 1% from two weeks ago
AAPL…+28.49% :persevere: Down 7% from two weeks ago
NVDA…+30.28% :persevere: Down 8% from two weeks ago
AMZN…+76.06% :persevere: Down 10% from two weeks ago
NFLX…+84.96% :persevere: Down 15% from two weeks ago
DimSum…-7.38% :laughing: Up 4% from two weeks ago, tide is changing :slight_smile:


Did not you make DCA with DimSum? By this time, you would have been positive…

I always do, that is the reason I bought AAPL today.


Are you sure? For FANG, there is a long period of appreciation, decline is fairly recent and still pretty high as compared to earlier period. In any case, Dim sum started in early this year, so…


My bad! This is what I mean…

If you have made another purchase at $19 range, By this time, you would have been positive…


$19 range? My main loss is from BIDU, BABA and TCEHY. They are still trading lower and lower. So DCA price is higher than current price i.e. loss. DCA price can only be lower than current price if the price is appreciating.