Fang, ant, bat


Hopefully, FB can rally above resistance on Monday, otherwise the bear market would last awhile more.
Different between ATH and recent low is 36%.


Let’s hope for a big tech bull run. At least 50% climb for all fang, ant, and bat… :rofl:




Senate controls by Republican, House controls by Democrats = Goldrilocks = Can’t do any thing = Very good for FANG, BAT, ANT



Another feature Zuck should just copy from WeChat. WeChat is way more innovative than anything messaging app in the West.


Wechat so successful, why is 10c lagging?


Because of big bad Xi and the shitty Trump.


what is wrong with XI, other than blocking Games (affecting children)?


Deifying himself is the worst.


Most of the money is made from games :slight_smile: WeChat is not fully monetized yet. A few blockbuster games in overseas were blocked from launching in China. Because of this block, made a loss last quarter.


How so? Chinese people love to have a god-like figure to rule over them.


Except he ain’t no deity - he’s a Disney character.


Rally is so short live?



Bottoming process. We’re at the bottom.


What’s your reasoning to think this is the bottom?


It is. Trust me.


:smile: I trust you in that case.


Since Aug 28,

F10 … .+16.3%
AAPL…+26.6%, only 2 out of the other 9 has higher appreciation
NFLX…+81%, declining very fast, continue at this pace, it may end up below AAPL’s growth rate


This is replica of what happened in Jan 26, 2019. See here S&P 500 chart. Recovery will be slow

  1. See Factset report today about company results

IMO, Bottom is reached already.