Fang, ant, bat


Any1 want to speculate which set of stocks would lead the next rally?
Previously is FAANG, may be 1-2 would be the same.


Both Nvidia and Netflix are about to have death crosses.


In America, it has always been companies in Silicon Valley. Take your pick.


Google, Apple, Nvidia (not in any particular order).


US led EM by a mile this cycle. Next cycle will likely be reverse.


Really. Better load up on 10c then.


Tomorrow, NVDA results. The stock is edging out recent days expecting a beat on earnings. The EPS expected is around 1.71 and 1.81 which is easy to meet. Actually, even if there is a better earnings results, market may pull it down after results unless it is extremely attractive ones.

NVDA results are always with surprises. Let is see how it is going to be .


Both finance and tech are liked by higher profit margin. IMO, FAANGs will have its niche area and still be attractive in 2019. I am still cautious on FB, as Mark Z forecast higher revenue growth rate, rest are proven to go back up soon.


At 12.02 PM PST, I saw a huge spike in AAPL share volume to 1.7M. Seemed instantaneous so most likely a single buyer. Stock went up afterwards so they must have bought for higher than market price. That transaction alone was worth about $300M. Apple announced share buybacks of 100 billion dollars this year. It seems like anybody shorting would be similar to betting against the house in Vegas.


Apple needs to buy regularly to compensate for the ESPPs and RSUs given to employees. Normal big tech practice. The question is, is this about dilution compensation or extra to reduce float.


Robot faced boy made many PR blunders, wondering I should unload the 200 shares while the loss is bearable.


Wrong timing :slight_smile: you would have loved this robot boy to death had you bought at $38 per share like I did.


Sell some to me, I am willing to pay $80 for your $38 share.


The reason I told about FB is Mark Z gave forecast of higher revenue growth. Last declared 3QFY18 rev is 13.727B and his forecast is appx 15.906B that has stopped down spiral of FB. Profit (q3) is 5.137B to 5.9B (q4). If he meets it ot exceeds, FB is win.

Regarding AAPL, I trust as they do not have any regulatory or challenging issues. This is Xmas season helps AAPL to get 90B target. Regarding FB, there is no clue. I just hold 100 FB around $151 range, not decided anything yet.


Happy days for wqj, 2 of his biggest holdings are green.



Still dragged down by rest of the stocks…


FB continues to tumble, look like $120 is likely. Will double investment should it reach there, $50k :ok_hand:


No further buying FB at this point! Selling I can decide before Dec 31 to file tax loss to reduce my realized gains.


You don’t think FB can recover to $200+?
It should be able to within 1 year if no recession. How low it goes don’t matter. Of course if you have better prospect, :ok_hand: to give it a pass. You seem to think TEVA can appreciate faster than FB :crazy_face: Going forward, FB should appreciate faster than AAPL on an annualized basis for the next few years. Meanwhile this :robot: boy is hurting me 50% more than yesterday.


Tell Warren Buffett to buy FB :wink: