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Billionaire investor and liberal activist George Soros has been known for investing moves that have succeeded wildly—and also for ones gone horribly wrong.

Chalk up three recent moves in his win column.

Soros Fund Management, which Soros founded and chairs, exited social-network giant Facebook (FB) completely in the third quarter, while also slashing positions in Netflix stock (NFLX) and Goldman Sachs Group stock (GS). Those three stocks have tumbled in the fourth quarter so far, with Facebook and Goldman setting new lows Tuesday. They are down almost 20% and 15%, respectively, so far this quarter. Highflying streaming-content giant Netflix has tumbled almost 29% since the end of September.

Soros saved a chunk of cash by selling: Barron’s estimates that, had he maintained positions in those stocks, he would have unrealized losses of about $17.7 million so far in the fourth quarter.

Soros Fund Management revealed the investment changes in a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission last week. The firm declined to comment on its trades. The fact that Soros Fund Management sold its entire Facebook position doesn’t necessarily mean Soros isn’t still invested in the company through personal holdings or other means, or that his fund hasn’t bought any Facebook stock since the start of the fourth quarter.

While selling Facebook, Netflix, and Goldman stock, Soros Fund Management initiated positions in Alibaba Group Holding (BABA) and Micron Technology (MU), according to the filing.



Don’t think I can get through you :weary:


In fact, zen Sri is right, I should have been careful , so far has been bullish as I trusted yield curve.

Today, aapl is down another $2.3, going down and down. I do not know where it ends.

TSLA came down from $362 to $328 today.


Are you going to take advantage of the crash and buy more?


I have moved 50% of all stocks, mainly AAPL , other than TSLA and TEVA into cash position so that I have some money to buy again.


You sold at a loss?


So long can sleep well is the right move.
I have sold another 1000 TEVA. Now left with 500.


Yes for AAPL around 10%, two straight 5% down horrible drop in two days


Now I wonder about @harriet. She’s been quiet…


She is a quiet hyena, waiting for us to hunt and steal our food.


Since Aug 28, 2017,

F10 … .+4.84%, dropped 7% from last week :smile:
AAPL…+6.70%, dropped 12% from last week :pensive:
GOOG…+12.05%, AAPL now dropped more than GOOG :exploding_head:
AMZN…+58.78%, dropped 10% from last week :smile:
NFLX…+54.87%, dropped 16% from last week :smile:
DimSum…-11.54%, dropped by 2% from last week :smile:

This is a competition to see who drop less :slight_smile: So far DimSum is dropping a lot less.
Now only 4 stocks are showing positive appreciation since Aug 28, 2017.


8/28/17 was already a high bar. Try 8/28/16.


I am? In what way? :thinking:


Was wondering if you sold your Aapl like Jil.


Oh he sold them? Since when? Not long ago he was praising it like it was the next big bang.


It’s the next big bust. :smile:


I think you should worry more about your capitulation than badmouthing others.


If AAPL goes bust so will south bay :thinking:


Woman’s choice: bang

Man’s choice: bust

Subconscious choice of words reveal a lot about what a person is thinking :joy:


Just Cupertino. The rest will hold up. :smile: