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Wow, what’s holding back mCAP the most? Also, how is your sCAP so much lower?


Only one stock LQMT, keeps dropping… everybody is expecting some kind of contracts after prof joined but nothing so far, so dropping to near what he paid for LQMT i.e. 19 cents.

sCap - Only invested 1/3 of fund allocated. iRBT declined a lot, almost half. Ignored IRBT is much higher. X3 if count fund invested only, would be double digit rivaling THE stock.


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +11.47% :laughing:Santa Claus or Tax Reform rally?
AAPL…+7.70%:grin: Good gain
TSLA…-0.67% :roll_eyes: Incredible comeback
AMZN… 24.64% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: THE stock, TCEHY is close behind 21.46%
mCap…-11.09% :neutral_face:Recovering
sCap… +4.97%:wink:Leap forward, a new ATH


You can also add, since 8/28, bitcoin and ether :wink:


FWIW. looking back, I should have recognized the .com bubble when our waitress at Bucca Di Beppo told us she bought Juniper Networks @ $200 and was elated it was @ $270. I figured we were in a housing bubble when my barber told me he had bought 4 houses. I started thinking cryptocurrencies are in a bubble when my Lyft driver last week told me he drives Lyft and does crypto currency “investing” on the side for his income…


Yes, the point of me asking @hanera to track cryptocurrencies alongside his stock picks is not to show how bitcoin is currently beating stocks, but to show how overvalued bitcoin is compared to stocks when shit starting to hit the fan sometime down the road. :slight_smile:


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +11.79% :grin: Hardly change from last week
AAPL…+8.390% :grin: That’s the way
TSLA…-5.92% :expressionless: Backsliding
AMZN… 23.50% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: TCEHY is now the leader 26.07%
mCap…-18.12% :sob: Upside down
sCap… +5.81% :wink: Continue to improve


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +10.33% :neutral_face: Retreating, possible undergoing correction
AAPL…+4.81% :neutral_face: Backsliding, correction?
TSLA…-9.98% :expressionless: Backsliding, correction?
AMZN… 23.62% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: TCEHY is now the leader 25.35%
mCap…-13.95% :grin:Recovering
sCap… +4.86% :expressionless: Retreating, correction?


Today is one of those shoot for the moon days… everything shot up incredibly… :scream:


Except consumer staples and utilities.


Incredible day of gain… the amount that my portfolio gained today is equivalent to the largest amount that I had lost within a single day back in the depth of the recession (2008)…


The year is certainly off to a good start. Shhh. Don’t tell all the people predicting doom and gloom.


Am I the only one a bit scared of the crazy bull? I like slow healthy bull. This kind of wild run scares me.


I’m scared… PA price is running away… I’m further and further away from my trophy home… :laughing:


2013 was 32.4% return including dividends. Were you worried then?

2015 was a negative return without dividends and positive 1.4% with dividends. That was a long consolidations.

The late 90’s had 5 straight years with returns higher than 2017 was.

2011 was a similar consolidation year followed by 3 good years (middle year was the strongest).


I am talking about melting up in one day, and the first trading day of the year no less.


Be more ambitious. Gun for Pacific Heights, Atherton and Hillsborough. You know who you would meet :smile: Many Googlers at those parties ofc Now I know why Google wasn’t that favored by women. Yes, Apple is very favored by women.


Those parties are designed for you not for me… :rofl:


Since Aug 28,

F10 … +17.63% :face_with_raised_eyebrow: rockets 7+%, AMZN/NVDA/NFLX/TCEHY gains a lot
AAPL…+8.38% :disappointed_relieved: not as good as F10, what a shame
TSLA…-8.41% :expressionless: dragging wuqijun’s overall stock performance
TCEHY…34.89% :roll_eyes: shockingly high gain
mCap…-14.25% :grin:Recovering
sCap… +8.19% :grinning: almost catching up with AAPL


I feel like the baseline should be reset for the new year. I was debating doing that with tracking of BAT and small cap.