Fang, ant, bat


When you have to include PayPal into an acronym that’s supposed to be a replacement to fang, you know whoever did it is full of crap and not worth your time.


You hate your ex-employer? The one who gave you tons of cash to buy stocks and rental RE!


No, I don’t hate them. I know them well. :smile:



Is It Too Late to Buy Alphabet Stock Now?

InvestorPlace pumps GOOG.


Thanks for share this information.


Ignore the aberration.



Please load up shares and calls. Has placed GTC buys, wish me luck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On down days it’s up. It’s moved opposite of the down market with no visible developments. Will join.


AH reacted to Jim.


$126.85 established on Nov 20 could be the bottom.


I think that I need to reallocate portion of AAPL to FB soon if it drops around $130. Now, Market will likely sag again thinking what FED is going to do in Dec 18-19th. Potential dipping time is possible again. If FED adds 0.25, market will likely drop further. If not, there are chances, it can go sideways, not steep drop.

Let us wait and see.


More pumping :slight_smile:

3 Reasons to Be Bullish on Facebook Stock


Tencent Music Group IPOs next week, ADR shares are 1.15Bln, but aiming overall market cap 50+ Billion appx.


Everyone is rushing to get public money before it is getting drowned in stock crash !


Did you get any? I cancel the GTC upon Huawei news, price didn’t decline too low at all. Still way higher than my last few purchases, lowest been $127 :grinning:


Didn’t get any FB and I note this:

Market cap of
AMZN $830.85B
AAPL $829.12B

The world is so unfair to me :cry:


Need to get above $1T.


Unfortunately my bet is if AMZN or FB market cap is greater than AAPL, I lost the bet to manch. So now I own him a meal!!!


What was the end date of the bet?


Be sure to invite me as well when the time comes. You don’t need to pay for my meal.


+1 invite me too. I won’t refuse if you offer to pay for my meal :sunglasses: