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Oddly, the tradition is that Santa comes in thru the chimney and walks out thru the front door? :smile:


Green! Except for China stocks. Santa manages to get himself unstuck :slight_smile:



Yeah… but the fees would kill them. We’re talking small amounts–$1K.


I think Merril Edge has no trading costs.


If you have minimum 100k, Merill edge does not have any trading costs.

Similarly, fidelity also got no trading cost above 100k, but for 2 years or 500 trades.

Robinhood is completely commission free unlimited time.


Grr… Wants me to login before I can look at their account types. Need 529s plus Minor ROth IRA as well as regular stock account.


Anyone here with Vanguard? If so, are there any downsides to having accounts with them?


For a regular brokerage? I have Vanguard. For the most part, it’s fine. Their interface is not nearly as easy to use as a Fidelity or Schwab. I only buy funds on Vanguard though.


Brokerage, 529,Minor Roth IRAs, Minor stock accounts, and a Donor advised fund.


I see. I only use it for regular brokerage and a Roth IRA. I bought funds only. I don’t have any other insight to share.


First, IIRC, Robinhood has taxable account only. They do not have account for 529 or IRAs or 401k.

I have Robinhood, e-Trade, Merrill Edge, Schwab, vanguard and Fidelity. Except Robinhood, all others support 529, IRA, taxable etc.

For me, Fidelity is best among all these accounts. The research reports are exceptional, Stock screen is too good, user interface is very easy, lot of tax free ETFs. You maintain 100k, they provide 500 tax free trade for 2 years, but limited to taxable account, but not IRA or 401ks. Site uptime is too good.

Next is Merrill Edge (Bofa interlink), you maintain 100k average (with BOFA+Merrill Edge together), they give you 100 trades free/month irrespective of accounts. This means, they pass the benefit to IRA, taxable account also. They give these free trade based on SSN, not limited to account. Site up time is questionable, at times does not function properly by software releases.

Vanguard, I hate the user interface, hard to navigate, just opened, keeping minimum. Rest, I have only very minimum account balances.

I also use Merrill Edge, Schwab for company research reports, but mainly Fidelity is my favorite.


Hrm. I’m mostly looking for low-volume, low-minimum accounts for the kids. Sounds like I should just keep our brokerage where it is (not that I’m thrilled with TD Ameritrade’s interface), and open the kids’ accounts. SOmeone had recommended them for the Minor Roth IRA because you can have a parent account and a separate kid account (they can look at their totals, but not change anything), and that the Roth IRA had no fees. The idea of having verything in one place with one parent account linked to the kids’ accounts is very appealing.


I think it is called “Custodian Account”. You need to have earned income (by the child) to use Roth IRA. If the account is small, better to start with companies like Fidelity, Vanguard or Schwab and use their commission free ETFs. If it is buy and hold, not trade, commissions are low. Commission free ETFs are far better for small account to grow steadily.


Ok. Thanks for the confirmation–we’ll do Vanguard or Schwab then. DS1 is working, W2 income, but not a lot ($1K this year I think). It will be buy and hold.

And I just won’t transfer my own brokerage account.




Holding my breath.


Jim Cramer says buy buy buy FB


WSJ: Amazon Targets Unprofitable Items, With a Sharper Focus on the Bottom Line

Amazon is trying to boost profitability in its core retail business after years of focusing on growth, according to the people. The company’s profit has risen sharply in the past couple of years, helping its stock price soar, although its market value has fallen again recently. But most of that profitability has stemmed from its growing cloud business and advertising unit.


You’d be surprised some products are literally sold at a loss by retailers. They are considered too important to customers to not carry them. They are loss leaders used to drive store traffic.


Almost every share is trading at lower than my initial purchase price of dim sum portfolio!