Fang, ant, bat


FB below 100 or amzn below 1000 would be screaming buys though. How about aapl below 100? Yes, screaming buy too.


Race to the bottom?
No more $1T race?


Don’t know. FB has some management issue to overcome. But both amzn and aapl are executing well.


I don’t think this bear market will last very long. I got another recruiting email again today. Could be just year-end portfolio adjustment.


You are just an execeptonally hot talent. Time to treat us some Buddha jump wall?



No more government shutdown
End of tariff war
Fed chairman Powell fired, Yellen is back


Are you seriously asking a young lady to treat a couple of old farts?


Powell can’t be fired. He must have done something wrong for that to happen.

Yes bear markets are mostly short and sharp. Bulls are long and boring.


I am asking a young successful manager to treat some unemployed poor old things to some hot meals. :cry:


乞兒兜拿飯食 :skull_and_crossbones:


Recent sharp fall is because of arrest of cfo, rate hike and shutdown. Investor sentiment turns bearish and rush out of the door and some like Jil and Marcus pour oil into fire by shorting and long puts.


I see empathy is not your strong suit… :crying_cat_face:


Tiger is ruthless. Dog is loyal. Unfortunately according to Chinese, dog is compatible with tiger and rabbit. Are you a rabbit?


Yesterday is green Christmas, today is bloody Christmas.



Go on vacation with no internet. Come back after January. This market can make you seasick


Top 4 market cap

MSFT $752B
AAPL $720B
GOOG $708B
AMZN $690B

No more $1T. The old companies are still top?


Valuation is meaningless right now. Wait for dust to settle, and see which company climbs back up the fastest.


What index fund do you recommend that doesn’t track Tech? Ie, no Amazon, no Aapl, no FB.


Look for the fund starting with XL. XLE for energy, XLF for financials., XLI for industrials. It is a series of sector ETFs.


Are there others?