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I don’t see the difference between buying now vs. $147 though.


One of the lessons I learnt during last down fall: No FOMO, if missed, that is it, never look at it as there are plenty of opportunities will come (not exactly from same stock) and wait for it.


Big difference is that I am still able to resist the FOMO now. When it hit $147 I may not be able to. :smile:


This is my take, it is up to you to decide.

Stock Price is at the mercy of Market, but company financials (results+growth) are the key. FOMO based on stock price is not correct. (Hard lesson from the last 20% down fall)

If you expect, FB will have better growth (financial+sales improvement), then buy at current price than later.

The return of invested capital is important, buy at bottom and grow your money, look out for maximum percentage gain.

This is exactly like real estate calculation, setting aside market price. If company fundamentals are strong, market price will follow.


Cramer: It’s not too late to buy into Facebook, Apple, Amazon or Alphabet


Bloomberg: Tencent Unveils a Siri-Like Digital Assistant for WeChat

  • WeChat’s assistant can help connect users with mini apps

  • WeChat mini programs will focus on monetisation with ads

How come FB doesn’t have voice assistant? Seems it’s falling behind on AI.


They did.

Not sure what got included in their recent smart screen (Portal).


FB has to resolve the compliance issues first as priority and parallel look out for growth. It may take 9-12 months time frame assuming the start last Oct 2018.

Same way, Apple’s long term issue recovery may be around 9-12 months, starting time Jan 2019, until they announce 5G phones and apple watch enhancements.


Portal is using Alexa. M is text based, right?


Right - M was text based. But speech recognition typically isn’t the bottleneck in the assistant world, but the ability to do the damn tasks it’s asked to do. In terms of stack, it’s:

  1. speech recognition -> 2) natural language processing -> 3) search / task-completion.

Amazon farmed off 3) to partners to achieve where they’re now. I believe Facebook can do better without involving human labor, but they’ve been getting kicked around all year last year… They should be able to allow users to book concert tickets, share videos from the concerts, engage with artists etc. None of this requires hard AI - just pure coding… Well, mayyybe some ranking. They know how to do this.


Citron is still trying hard to manipulate.


Since Aug 28, 2017,

F10 +12.2% :smile: Up 6.5% over last week
AAPL -5.69% :smile: Up 12% from last week
TSLA + 0.46% :grinning: Outperform AAPL
TCEHY +1.67% :grinning: Wow, positive and outperform AAPL
GOOG +15.69% :smile: Down 1.5% over last week
AMZN +73.42% :smile: Up 7% over last week
NFLX +102% :smile: Up 24% over last week
DimSum -6.11% :smile: Up 3.5% over last week

Now own 1500 TCEHY, riding the momentum :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Again, why the heck is FB not copying 10c?


So many people know :cold_face: under pressure to load up more 10c :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face: faster

Apple Inc.’s biggest competitor in China isn’t Xiaomi Corp. or Huawei Technologies Co. It’s Tencent Holdings Ltd.


FOMO attack?


Pony Ma still looks like a good family man.


Where in the article says that?


I am desperate for some good men to invest in… :pray:




Governments have also warmly embraced WeChat as part of a national effort to streamline public services. Anyone who’s lived in China would dread its red tape. Mini programs are digitizing many tasks that traditionally required numerous visits to government offices, such as renewing one’s Social Security card.

While public services may not be a big revenue driver, they do boost users’ dependence on WeChat.

This is a big winner.

WeChat is in Chinese only right? No other languages?