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WeChat is available in other languages like English, but network effect is weak outside of China. So you can order takeout and ride share in China with WeChat but nowhere else. Payment is also only in China.

Pony Ma was supposed to meet with WhatsApp founders to discuss acquisition but had to postpone the trip to have back surgery. Zuck stole WA instead. To this date I still don’t understand how come Zuck didn’t just copy WeChat. With mini programs WeChat is on its way to steal big shares from Apple and Android app stores. WhatsApp doesn’t even have payments except in India. It’s progressing at a snail pace.


Allen Zheng, the father of WeChat, talked about WeChat’s past and future couple days ago. He just stood there and talked for 3.5 hours til midnight! You can watch the whole thing here:



Outside China is merely a messenger only, right?
IMHO, iMessage, Messenger and WhatsApp should move fast before WeChat manages to get more “local” services in. With Trump creating an untrusted of China, they have to move fast before the two elephants make love again. I also hate the slow pace of iMessage, put a VP or may be even SVP on it… Apple is moving too slow without SJ… without a dictator, decision by a committee takes eons.


Apple wanted to bring the best of iMessage to every phone

Stalled by carriers. WhatsApp is free of such constraints. Guess WeChat is free of such constraints too. So is TWLO. Are carriers still giving Apple $? Guess not. But still can’t go against carriers because carriers can screw Apple up by making their system not compatible with iPhone. With carriers as an albatross, is impossible for iMessage to out innovate WhatsApp, WeChat and TWLO. And even Messenger. Not good. Some1 in Apple please think HARD and FAST. Need to up my stake in FB (600 :slight_smile: ) and TCEHY (1500 :slight_smile: )



Brother of Bruce Lee? Huh, he has a strong Cantonese accent when speaking Mandarin.


The network effect is already baked in. WeChat can’t dethrone WhatsApp and vice versa, unless there are some new functionalities that only the new app has. Snap had that going for awhile with its self-destroying messages, but FB copied it so no more.

FB is sitting on gold mines. It’s distracted in 2018 with the privacy and fake news controversies. But I think Zuck is too smart and ambitious to let the opportunities go. I bet teams inside FB are studying that WeChat father’s talk and taking notes. I watched the first hour and the guy is very deliberate and thoughtful.


Really? Next time just speak Cantonese. :smile:


These kind of hiccups allow smart investors like you to pick up stocks of great businesses at reasonable price.


At 19:41 he said his putonghua is not good :grinning: Obviously a Cantonese.

The speech is so long that I fell asleep and have to watch again.
WeChat is a lifestyle app?
WeChat aims to help value added creators?
Inthing to talk concepts and don’t use any presentation software?
Quoted SJ/Apple and Rams, no Jony?


If you don’t feel like spending 4 hours watching the whole thing, here’s a guy’s English notes:

I think it’s remarkable how full that stadium was. Allen Zhang just stood there and talked without any visuals for 4 hours. And it started around 8 or 9pm. That guy is like God of product design in China.


I didn’t even spend one second watching this thing. Time well spent. :rofl:



Just to make Jil jealous.


How can you make him jealous when you only bought like 10 shares?


Missed NFLX :scream: :scream::scream:


NFLX before and after results - history (copied, not my original work)


Since Aug 28, 2017,

F10 +13.9% :smile: Up 1.7% over last week
AAPL -2.88% :smile: Up 3% from last week
TCEHY +4.97% :smile: Up 3.2% from last week
GOOG +20.2% :smile: Up 4.5% over last week
AMZN +79.3% :smile: Up 6% over last week
NFLX +103% :smile: Up 1% over last week
DimSum -2.75% :smile: Up 3.4% over last week, slightly better than AAPL

Notice the huge volume for FB call (Leaps 2020 $160). Smart money is aware of some BIG news?

Should try to get in on Tuesday if you can. I expect market on Tuesday to open weak.


Volume is a lot less than open interest though. Weird.


What is the ratio (volume/ OI) you are expecting? Volume is always less than open interest except for near ATM options during OE week. Not aware of any ideal range for ratio (volume/ OI).


FB earning would be announced AH on Jan 30. Holding 600 shares despite bad news, more bad news, even more bad news, and against Jil’s advice. Of course, won’t behave like a dim wit calling for the CEO to resign.

Next week might have a retracement, opportunity for manch to load up if he hasn’t…


It means it was trading of existing contracts not creation of new ones. Creation of new would be very bullish.