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These 10x bets are inherently meaningless because nobody is brave or foolish enough to put in a lot of chips. So what if your 50k turns into 500k? Doesn’t change your life. It also has a not-insignificant chance of going to 5k.

I think it’s better to bet on ones that have high probability of going 2x. And then if you want more return use leverage. At least with this strategy you solved the problem of “what”. 2x candidates are much easier to identify with confidence. You can bet a lot more, so you can make meaningful wealth.


Please list the candidates. Thanks.
Exclude AAPL, NVDA, MU, FB, TCEHY, BIDU and BABA since I have them :slight_smile:
Also exclude SPLK, VEEV, IRBT and NTNX since I have them in 10x (over 10 years unfortunately) portfolio.

Cash on cash return of current FB position is 4x if it expires at $220 on Jan OE, 2x if expires at $180.


Here are my 2x candidates, I will hold it for you and show you when they become 2x

WB purchased STNE at $24 and TEVA at $14.xx range.


At least I have something to hope for. Too bad you sold all your FB so there’s no hope for you to gain anything from that :rofl:


If all FB can do is to go up 20 points from its low then why bother buying it at all?

If you think FB has a runway to go 2x or 3x why is now too late to buy?


It is too late to buy for you. Should have bought it back in 2012 like I did when it was at $38 :rofl:


My offer still stands. $76 for your FB, ok?


China Stocks

Today Open. OI = 35954. Hence a net close of (44013-35954) = 8059 calls.

Last Friday. OI (call $160) = 44013, volume = 13344


Started as expected… Updated chart.


Since Aug 28, 2017,

F10 +13.58% :smile: Up 0.3% from last week
AAPL -2.3% :smile: Up 0.6% from last week
TCEHY +6.39% :smile: Up 1.4% from last week
GOOG +19.4% :smile: Down 0.8% from last week
AMZN +76.6% :smile: Down 2.7% from last week
NFLX +102.3% :smile: Down 0.7% from last week
DimSum -0.89% :smile: Up 1.86% over last week, closing the gap with F10, only red is BIDU

FB is behaving as expected :slight_smile: Retraced into the red box and resume rallying.


Betting the farm on :robot:?


Regrettably, I didn’t. Only 600 shares. Tracked closely because earning is near, Jan 30. Also, trying to re-learn what I had learned and forgot. I use to track this way to trade options, got lazy after awhile, time to make BIG money again betting on options. Didn’t load up heavily when it went into the red box :sob: Btw, after completion of (5), if (5) is not extended, would retrace back into the red box :slight_smile: Your opportunity to grab if it turns out that way.


600 shares? That’s more than $50k :scream:


Less than $275k :sob:


Buy buy buy!!! :rofl:


Next week, earnings from a few biggies.

AAPL Jan 29
VZ Jan 29
BABA Jan 30
FB Jan 30






Free voodoo at your own risk.

AAPL: Picture is vague. Next week, either roars all the way to $176 or decline to $150 after hitting $160. Behavior would depend on next quarter guidance and Apple comments on China situation.

FB: Chart feels bullish. Next week, roars all the way to either $156 or $168 before retracing.
BTO 6 calls ($160) :slight_smile: just a small bet on my own voodoo.

BABA: Expect to decline Monday and Tuesday, then rallying after results.
Holding 210 shares, might BTO calls if decline to $150.


AMZN is 1/31.