FED Rate is hiked by 0.25% now, Three more next year

Your doctor is not paying for those drugs, neither are you. Health care pricing in this country is insane. It’s completely opaque. Your doctor doesn’t know how much anything costs, neither do you. It’s all up to insurance companies to pay. So everyone just uses more and more. It feels “free”.

It does seem so. Doctor can’t be bother to check with you whether you want it or not if insurance is paying.

"Better living through chemistry "
Du pont slogan and a bad movie with Jane Fonda…lol

Obama care was good, Trump, many Rep and wealthy (even dem), did not like it as they added 3.8% tax (investment tax) on wealthy people. IMO, either Trump or anyone else replaces with another equivalent care, they will not be able to reduce the rates. In this case, Trump may give same or higher cost package in different name.

As long as drug companies are not controlled, price can not be contained. Say MYL Epipen, what Trump or others can do, except whatever control currently done? Those companies silently change the name or drop the drug.

Your doctor is probably getting kickbacks from those pharma companies. That should be completely illegal.

Obamacare is crap. It would have been cheaper to but everyone without insurance on medicaid. Then we’d have 100% coverage at the same cost of what we got.

The problem with drugs is lack of competition. Personally, I’d shorten how long patents last. Also, there are other stupid rules. The 1st generic gets an exclusive window where it’s the only generic on the market. That’s stupid. Once the patent is gone let as many generics as want hit the market. The legal rules are also dumb. If I decide to file lawsuit that you violate my patent, then you can’t ship your product. It’s automatic until the court case is resolved. It’s 18 months before the court case even starts. So it costs me very little to file paperwork and stop your product from shipping for 18 months. Then there’s the whole 25-50% of revenue spent on sales and marketing.

If we do something dumb like regulate and limit pricing, then we’ll see drug innovation die. Imagine how few drugs would be developed if we said no drug can cost more than $1,000/yr. Even if we set a higher limit, we’d kill innovation.

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My opinion too. Patents are protecting the wealthy and stifling innovation. The noble goal of the patent is entirely bullshit. All the patents are based on previous people’s work, why we do pay the one who patent and not those other guys that came before? Not only patent should be shortened, should also limit applicability, not every shit also give patents.

Obamacare is the best of what was actually achievable at the time. It’s not perfect, but it’s literally life and death difference for millions of Americans.

Get everyone on Medicaid? Hell yes. There is already a name for it: Single Payer. Trump now has an “Unified Republican Government”. I’ll give him 2 years. He better delivers.

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Before you advocate single payer, you may want to research what it is in other countries. Canada publishes their wait times. It’s worth a read.

But putting everyone in Medicaid is technically single payer. No?

Putting people without healthcare into it. That’s have been cheaper than what we did which only covered about half the people without insurance.

Obamacare is not crap, it is right but you nailed the reason perfectly.

You tube Congress questioning FDA director. FDA director does not care or even bother providing information to congress saying “He is not allowed to share information and is not readily with him”. Even when congressmen press for it, FDA director was firm, not yielding to congress. There were 4500 applications for that life saving drug and only epipen is approved (he does not reply to congress).

MYL is simply taking advantage of no competition. Epipen is the one and only drug available (approved by FDA) that is life saving drug.

There are plenty of similar stories that drug companies issues on life saving drugs, life saving equipment and monopoly market.

Either Obama or Trump or Even congress can not tell MYL to reduce price of EPIPEN unless they force or control it. We are business economy, we do not do direct control like other government.

Trump is going to be here minimum 4 years. He will not be able to anything better than Obama (related to medical care) except replacing with a new one.

FDA is most,y funded by drug companies now. It started to changed in the 80’s as they started to charge user fees to drug companies. How’s interest do we think they are serving?

How much money has Snapchat raised? We spent $2.1B on healthcare.gov. That doesn’t include the cost of states that built their own websites. It also doesn’t include annual maintenance of the site. To pretend that’s good is ridiculous. It’s our complete disregard for the cost of things as long as they do something morally good that leads to our debt. It’s completely irresponsible to spend $2.1B on a website. It would have been cheaper to allow anyone without insurance to signup for Medicaid. That’s actually what most people are using healthcare.gov for anyway. We already had a process for that without spending $2.1B.

This attitude is why the Bay bridge was supposed to cost $1B and ended up costing over $6B. Yet it’s govnement so no one is held accountable. People just keep voting to give it more money, since they feel it’s the morally right thing to do.

Yes, it’s outrageous. The amount of spending is out of control… I have been voting no to every tax increase…and been telling my friend/family to stop voting for increases every year but I’m not sure if they listen to me or not…